Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is heading to PC on July sixth


My hunt for a JRPG that does not bore me into uninstalling it inside two hours continues. This time, I am casting my eyes throughout Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, an action-RPG through which you discover a jail metropolis and hack up monsters with a sword. One thing tells me that it will not be the JRPG to hook me, however I am going to give it a attempt when it releases on PC on July sixth.

Whereas Ys 8 jumped the collection into a totally explorable 3D world, Ys 9’s main addition are new motion talents that make exploring the 3D world extra fascinating. Collection protagonist Adol Chrstin, a red-haired sword-swinging adventurer, is arrested by the Romun Empire (not a typo) after which was a Monstrum. You management any of six Monstrum characters throughout the course of the sport, every with a singular means that lets them, amongst different issues, teleport between surfaces, sprout wings with which to glide, or run straight up vertical surfaces.

Ys 9 got here out on PlayStation 4 earlier this 12 months and folk appeared to love it simply effective, praising its story, the Monstrum talents, and its speedy tempo. The running-up-walls factor is the large attraction to me. I like that the big metropolis you are locked inside appears so open and vertical.

Nonetheless, I additionally watch the trailer above and assume it seems to be fairly browny-grey. The Tales Of and Atelier collection, equally long-running JRPGs, have each welcomed a variety of new gamers lately by being prettier and extra accessible than earlier video games. Ys looks like a reasonably accessible collection to start with, however it does not appear like it is getting any prettier.

These are my impressions primarily based on a trailer and a few studying, although. Perhaps you have performed it and need to advocate for that gray world, or the nuances of its fight system. I would genuinely be curious to listen to it.

You possibly can wishlist Ys 9: Monstrum Nox on Steam now.

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