Valheim mod places crafting tables on carts and it’s genius


My bumbling Valheim clan and I’ve reached a stage the place we’re utilizing carts on a regular basis. They’re nice for transporting giant batches of ore, or leather-based, or different bits throughout unforgiving pastures. However they’re extraordinarily brittle, and it is a chore having to rifle by means of all of your stuff if you wish to arrange camp mid-trek. Effectively, there is a mod that turns carts into crafting stations on wheels and now I’ll cease whining.

An industry-leading viking by the title of “RoloPogo” has created the Valheim mod Artful Carts. It provides three new carts to the sport, every sporting an in-built crafting station. There’s the workbench cart, forge cart, and stonecutter cart, so you possibly can construct on the go with out the faff of getting to arrange a separate crafting station each time you’re taking a pit cease.

These carts price the identical as their respective crafting stations to make, plus ten bronze nails. So they don’t seem to be going to be too taxing in your sources.

Truthfully, these artful carts are genius. I and the clan will have the ability to roam the world with renewed confidence. Not solely will we have the ability to pop our findings in these carts, we’ll have the ability to restore our rickety baggage on the go, and maintain our personal armour in test. Heck, if we wish to reduce some stone as we plummet down a mountain, then that is attainable too.

The following massive Vahleim replace, Fireplace And Dwelling, will make trolls hairier and will even add a brand new useful resource to the sport.

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