The most effective Whole Struggle: Warhammer 2 DLC


Whole Struggle: Warhammer II DLC has been retaining us going whereas we waited for the Warhammer 3 announcement. Now that the ultimate recreation is coming, we know there’s undoubtedly yet one more pack coming earlier than DLC help for the second recreation ends, After that it’ll be all fingers on deck for the threequel.

Warhammer 2 expansions contain a mix of huge, encompassing add-ons and smaller ‘set-piece’ eventualities between two legendary lords. The early years noticed different areas of the map fleshed out, reminiscent of in Rise of the Tomb Kings and Curse of the Vampire Coast, however in later years it was extra in regards to the smaller, extra narrative centered content material drops.

That also leaves a good quantity of add-ons that want evaluating, so we’ve put collectively this information that will help you resolve which expansions are value grabbing right away, and that are value skipping or no less than ready for a sale to drop. The nearer we get to Warhammer 3’s launch date although, the cheaper these add-ons will get, so persistence is a advantage on this case.

Whole Struggle: Warhammer 2 DLC

Here’s a record of the entire Whole Struggle: Warhammer II DLC launched to this point:

  • Rise of the Tomb Kings
  • The Queen and The Crone
  • Curse of the Vampire Coast
  • The Prophet and The Warlock
  • The Shadow and the Blade
  • The Hunter and The Beast
  • The Warden and The Paunch
  • The Twisted and The Twilight
  • The Silence and The Fury

Whole Struggle: WARHAMMER II – Rise of the Tomb Kings

Warhammer II’s first DLC can be its finest, bringing the undead rulers or Nehekarah to digital life for the primary time in historical past. Rise of the Tomb Kings is an enormous growth, including the Land of the Lifeless in all its sandy and pyramid-y glory and tasking gamers to search out 5 of the 9 Books of Nagash to achieve full management over the everlasting unlife of its rulers.

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The story takes place in the identical map as the bottom recreation’s Eye of the Vortex marketing campaign, however the addition of the Tomb Kings as a playable faction upends each different mechanic Whole Struggle depends on. Items require no repairs nor incur recruitment prices however have caps that require the development of sure buildings, permitting these faux-Egyptians to lift a whole 20 stack military in a few turns. On account of being a bunch of reanimate obsessed skeletons, Tomb King items are additionally impervious to morale loss and by no means rout, however in contrast to Vampires and their thralled brethren, retain sufficient independence and self-will to not instantly crumble to mud if their chief dies.

Even higher, the Tomb Kings have entry to large stone constructs that may wipe the ground with just about any flesh and blood monster within the Warhammer franchise, . Add to that 4 legendary lords, a novel Dynasty system to switch the analysis tree, and a RPG-like loot-crafting mechanic to equip your Lords, and Rise of the Tomb Kings proudly stands as not simply the most effective DLC in Whole Warhammer, however in Whole Struggle as a complete.


Sure, and you’ll learn our Rise of the Tomb Kings evaluate to search out out why.

An elven queen holding a staff. Her armour, helmet, and staff all have hearts. A couple of elves are arming bows made of light, one of which on horseback. The horse looks displeased.

Whole Struggle: WARHAMMER II – The Queen and The Crone

The second DLC is much less of an growth, and extra of a rounding up of issues that *actually* ought to have been there at launch. The Queen & The Crone provides new items, two factions, and a bunch of Regiments of Renown to the ranks of the Excessive Elves and Darkish Elves, lastly including the elite particular items to one of many base recreation’s races.

The Excessive Elves develop their roster with the addition of the Everqueen Allarielle of Avelorn, whereas the Darkish Elves get the Hag Queen of Har Ganeth Crone Hellebron. Each Legendary Girls are the heads of their respective factions, providing highly effective bonuses primarily based on their marketing campaign efficiency. The Everqueen leaves lingering results by means of each province she passes, buffing the area and bolstering public order whereas gaining energy when Ulthuan is free from enemy management, whereas the Hag Queen must consistently kill 1000’s of slaves in ritualistic sacrifices with the intention to preserve her youthful look and most energy.

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These adjustments supply the next diploma of funding within the marketing campaign than common and are complemented by the brand new items fairly nicely. The Asur achieve entry to the Sisters of Avelorn — combined ranged/melee fighters — and the Shadow Warriors — ranger-like scouts who shoot undetected and fireplace in any route whereas operating. The Druchii, then again, can play with the Sisters of Slaughter — poisoned whip-wielding woman gladiators that trigger concern — and the Doomfire Warlocks — spellcasting magical cavalry that offers each magical and toxic injury in melee.

These new items are extra highly effective than the bottom recreation’s customary ones — a niche that’s solely widened by the inclusion of the Regiments of Renown reminiscent of flaming lance Dragon Princes. The ultimate additions are a Excessive Elven Handmaiden Hero for Avelorn and a Supreme Sorceress military Lord for the Darkish Elves, including a bit extra of asymmetry to what’s total a really balanced pack.


Sure, particularly if you’re sweaty elf major. Learn our The Queen and the Crone evaluate for extra.

A huge army of scaly zombies and other horrific beasts from the deep, rise on the coastline.

Whole Struggle: WARHAMMER II – Curse of the Vampire Coast

Arr, the excessive seas. Who doesn’t love pirate battles, the place crew swing between decks with swashbuckling prowess and ships blow the crap out of one another with broadsides? Sadly for all of us, the pirate themed growth to Warhammer II has no ship battles, so… arrr, who doesn’t love big pirate armies combating… on the land… like… common… armies. Arrrr.

Curse of the Vampire Coast was one hell of a curveball, taking a really minor side of Warhammer lore and increasing it to mainstream standing. It provides 4 new factions and their Legendary Lords to the sport, from the crazed Luthor Harkon in Lustria to the mutant Aranessa Saltspite in Sartosa, and all of them are centered on dwelling on the excessive seas with armies of undead folks underneath their thumb.

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The most important differential for pirate factions is their possession of a legendary ship, the non-public vessel of their legendary lord. The large boat serves as a cell base, permitting gamers to improve buildings and churn out items wherever, granting a level of mobility matched solely by horde armies. Not like horde armies, nonetheless, the undead pirates can conquer settlements or set up Pirate Coves that syphon the cash of close by cities with none of the admin work, making this one of many versatile playthrough choices one can have.

The marketing campaign additionally brings treasure maps for treasure, Infamy lists for stat bonuses, and cursed Items of Eight to unlock Regiments of Renown, retaining the pirate theme operating robust. Just like the Empire in Warhammer I, gamers can even appoint Lords to positions within the hierarchy that profit each that military and the faction, although loyalty is an ever current concern if you wish to preserve the scallywag in workplace.

In battle, the main focus is clearly on ranged items, with a lot of the roster possessing firearms of some variety. Zombie sailors and vampire pirates set free a wall of gunfire upon approaching enemies, whereas big strolling animated shipwrecks, mortars, and cannons let loss of life fly from afar. Add to {that a} big strolling crab and a big cannon larger than a dragon, and the pirate faction is definitely one of the various and attention-grabbing ones in Warhammer II.


As novel as it’s, this DLC can solely be advisable in the event you like the concept of crusing undead vampires. The dearth of ship battles or boarding doesn’t actually seize the texture of being a pirate on the seas, and the DLC does find yourself taking part in as a standard Whole Struggle faction resulting from big 20 stack armies combating one another on land maps on a regular basis. Learn our Curse of the Vampire Coast evaluate for extra ideas.

A Skaven warlock with a green aura. Other Skaven in the background are decimating the lizards.

Whole Struggle: WARHAMMER II – The Prophet and The Warlock

All of us love Skaven and Lizardmen, for various causes. Not me, after all — I like to kill Skaven and ignore Lizardmen, however I’m a Excessive Elf participant. Lots of people do like them, nonetheless, and Artistic Meeting lastly discovered time to present these two factions their first cup of affection cocoa since Warhammer II launched 2 years in the past.

The Prophet & The Warlock is a Lord Pack, just like The Queen & The Crone. It brings two new legendary lords — Lizardmen prophet Tehenhauin and Skaven warlock Ikit Claw — with their new respective factions, including in new items and mechanics alongside the way in which.

The Lizardmen, because the non secular, devoted, organic computer systems that they’re, are all about order and orders, doing their finest to fulfil a prophecy by following its tablets whereas stopping chaos in all its varieties (however primarily Skaven) from taking a maintain. Tehenhauin’s major end-goal is the completion of the Prophecy of Sotek, which is able to convey the serpent-god again.

In the meantime, the Skaven are all about dysfunction and decay, spreading corruption left and proper whereas killing and consuming every part they’ll. Ikit Claw, being the best Warlock Engineer who ever lived — is just a few steps forward of his brethren on the “killing” half, capable of discipline big hamster balls of loss of life referred to as Doom-Flayers, fireplace warpstone nukes referred to as Doomrockets, and degree complete settlements by way of an enormous spherical bomb referred to as the Doomsphere (they’re intelligent, however they’re not very artistic at naming).

Apart from these distinctive options, you get the usual package deal of all Lord Packs — new items (such because the salamanders and red-crested skinks for Lizardmen and Ratling Gunners and snipers for the Skaven), in addition to Regiment of Renown variations of most items of their respective rosters. The RoR are usually fairly cool — from regenerating Doomwheels to unbreakable infantry, these can act as pillars if used appropriately in any discipline battles they’re employed.


In the event you ever surprise about taking part in because the Skaven, undoubtedly. In case you are a Lizardmen fan, you will have the brand new items. The one downside with this DLC is that a lot of the new options are faction-specific, so that you gained’t be capable of play as Clan Pestilens on Mazdamundi and revel in them. In case you are cool with that go and get it. Learn our evaluate for extra.

A massive army of lizards, including a massive dinosaur, are attacking a small faction of Bretons.

Whole Struggle: Warhammer II – The Hunter and The Beast

The Hunter and The Beast provides but extra Lizardmen to the fray, but additionally the Empire has lastly made official landfall in Lustria by way of the Huntmarshal’s Expedition. The latter’s campaigns is unquestionably the extra creative of the 2, and offers off an actual ‘expeditionary’ vibe as you battle to safe your foothold within the space, whereas attempting to maintain the provides from the homeland coming by means of.

The extra you loot and pillage your environment although, the stronger the inevitable backlash will likely be – so it’s essential to preserve issues in cautious stability. Neither of the 2 new Lords comply with the primary Vortex marketing campaign, as an alternative their tales revolve across the destiny of a handful of legendary Hunters that you should discover (whichever faction you select to play as). The free content material drop that’s releasing with this pack give but extra like to the Empire throughout the Mortal Empires marketing campaign as nicely, so total it’s an excellent day to be imperialist People.


Whereas the brand new Lizardmen Legendary Lord’s marketing campaign isn’t fairly as creative as his human counter-part, the Empire’s marketing campaign within the ‘New World’ is fairly artistic and feels recent. Learn our The Hunter and the Beast evaluate for extra.

An elf riding on top of a dinosaur is brandishing a sword and wearing dark armour. The dinosaur is roaring menacingly at the Skaven below.

Whole Struggle: Warhammer II – The Shadow and The Blade

After a pleasant sequence of DLC shoring up each single race within the base recreation, Artistic Meeting determined to go full Darkish Aspect with this Lord Pack. The Shadow & The Blade circles again to the Darkish Elves and Skaven, giving the evil pointy-eared bastards and the scheming merciless ratmen a bit extra love.

That includes a Druchii Dreadlord possessed by a Chaos Daemon and the Council of 13’s biggest murderer rat, this Lord Pack provides Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch to the pool of Legendary Lords. Each races pack one new regular Lord and Hero, along with three new items and their Regiment of Renown variations, for a complete of 18 new unit choices. Not like earlier DLC, these additions are usually very broad in utility, starting from sneaky front-line items to airburst mortar shells that cowl the battlefield in poison.

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The distinctive campaigns, nonetheless, is the place this DLC shines. The Darkish Elf Darkblade’s private story of inner strife comes out as a strong possession mechanic that turns him right into a nigh unstoppable presence within the battlefield, forcing the participant to stability demonic possession and self-control to offset battle and marketing campaign penalties and boons. Add to {that a} distinctive begin that features *each* the fortified province capital of Hag Graef and an expedition actually on the opposite aspect of the map, and you bought the seeds of a really attention-grabbing playthrough.

In the meantime, the Skaven story is a little more centered on the marketing campaign aspect, because the Deathmaster is a strong but unimpressive presence within the battlefield. Whereas he’s able to slicing an enemy’s armour in half along with his assaults, Snikch’s penchant for sneaky-stuff is what makes him very clever-smart within the campaign-map, yes-yes. The Clan Eshin agent makes use of all his appreciable abilities to carry out instantaneous acts of subterfuge throughout the map with 100% likelihood of success, and people steady assassinations, sabotages, and thefts increase Clan Eshin’s fame amongst different Skaven and result in the 4 Larger Clans to start out providing you contracts. In a method, Deathmaster Snikch performs like a extra archetypal Skaven than most different Skaven lords, and his concentrate on furry-ninja endeavours could make for a really crafty marketing campaign expertise.


As all the time, the price is essentially tied to your specific penchant for the highlight races. Nonetheless, I need to add that despite the fact that I don’t like Skaven nor Druchii, I did benefit from the campaigns far more than anticipated. So it’s a better ‘sure’ than different comparable packs. Learn our evaluate for extra.

An orc, brandishing an axe, is charging into battle on a sled being led by three wolves. Other orcs are in the background, including a siege weapon.

Whole Struggle: Warhammer II – The Warden and The Paunch

This Lords pack introduces a brand new faction every for each the Excessive Elves and the Greenskins. Eltharion ‘The Warden’ is charged with guarding the East Coast of Ulthuan from the Greenskin hordes, particularly one Grom ‘The Paunch’ who managed to unintentionally sack the world as soon as earlier than. This new pack units up a grudge-match for the ages, culminating in a climatic battle between the 2.

Every faction comes with their very own distinctive mechanics to fill out the lion’s share of the marketing campaign, in addition to a number of recent items to mess around with as nicely. These two new narrative pushed marketing campaign threads largely ignore the Vortex quest, as has been the pattern lately.

Is it value it?

In the event you get pleasure from taking part in as Greenskins or because the Excessive Elves, there’s a bunch of wonderful new content material right here for you. As all the time with DLC expansions like these, your mileage varies relying on the place your pursuits lie.

The free replace that accompanied this growth gave some high quality of life like to all Greenskin factions, which is one thing, however these two new factions are additionally designed to solely actually wish to battle one another. They’re bespoke marketing campaign mechanics don’t work together with the remainder of the Vortex marketing campaign, for instance, and their integration into Mortal Empires is questionable. Learn our Warden and The Paunch evaluate.

TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II – THE Twisted and The Twilight

This pack consists of one other Skaven faction, and at last offers the Wooden Elves some a lot wanted DLC and brings them firmly into Whole Warhammer 2. The Wooden Elves themselves are lead by the Sisters of Twilight, who battle on behalf of Queen Ariel of Athel Loren (who can be within the recreation as a hero unit). Their particular mechanics revolve round forging highly effective weapons, and leaning into some main adjustments which were included into the sport without spending a dime.

Throt the Unclean is main the brand new Skaven faction, Clan Moulder. His Vortex marketing campaign (which additionally ignores the Vortex itself) is a little more conventional, however he has some enjoyable faction mechanics round gathering bespoke sources to create bizarre abominations for his military. This DLC’s match-up isn’t as epic as in previous packs, however there’s undoubtedly some attention-grabbing stuff right here.

Is it value it?

Most of the adjustments given to the Wooden Elf faction are literally free, so that you don’t essentially have to get this pack to make the most of them. Their Vortex marketing campaign is fairly enjoyable, although, and actually leans into the brand new method this faction performs out. Throt’s marketing campaign is much less imaginative, however his faction-specific mechanics are fairly highly effective.

This isn’t the most effective DLC ever launched, nonetheless, so in the event you’re not significantly fussed in regards to the Wooden Elves or want extra Skaven, you possibly can in all probability sit on this one for some time. Learn our evaluate for extra.


The Silence and The Fury

That is the ultimate growth for Whole Struggle: Warhammer II earlier than all eyes flip in the direction of Warhammer 3. As prophesied, this new DLC pack will lastly give the Beastmen their due. Possibly we will lastly cease dunking on them in the event that they develop into a faction value taking part in. They are going to be led by Taurox the Brass Bull.

The opposite race to get consideration on this ship off are the Lizardmen. With the inclusion of their new chief – Oxyotl the Unseen – the Skink are the one Warhammer 2 race to get seven legendary lords. A minimum of it wasn’t the Skaven, once more. You could find out extra about this growth on the official Steam web page, and launch is ready for July 14, 2021.

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