The most effective Outriders Pyromancer builds


Wish to know one of the best Outriders Pyromancer builds? The concept behind this class is to make all of your enemies burn the place they stand with the frequent use of expertise. If the enemy isn’t smouldering, then you definately’re doing it flawed. The factor is, the Pyromancer is nice at this one explicit factor, however isn’t massively versatile in any other case, making it a category that’s comparatively easy to spec into.

Basically, you’ve two modes: immobilising the enemy with the usage of Ash expertise, or inflicting extreme burns with the one-two punch of Ignite, then Explode expertise. All of those expertise do a variety of harm and also you’ll need to preserve enemies alight as after they fall in battle, you’ll get better well being. It’s a hyper aggressive class, but in addition fairly a squishy one if the talents fail to attach.

That will help you wreak as a lot fiery destruction as attainable, we’ve ready an evidence of one of the best Outriders Pyromancer builds, together with a listing of all of the Pyromancer expertise and the way greatest to make use of them, and the entire set expertise tree perks and specialities which might be accessible to the category.

Finest Pyromancer builds

Outriders Pyromancer DPS construct

To reiterate, your important job because the Pyromancer is to make enemies burn. It’s the way you’ll heal, and it’s the way you’re doing most of your harm. Any perks that lower down the cooldown length will probably be invaluable to you because it ensures you possibly can preserve throwing fireplace on the enemy, which in flip retains you wholesome.

One ability that’s an absolute should is Thermal Bomb. It has a incredible vary, and supplied that you simply or a buddy has an honest sniper rifle, you can also make the enemy burst, severely wounding their close by mates. It additionally interrupts boss assaults, which is significant for coping with these pesky Outriders captains. In a while within the sport, F.A.S.E.R Beam fulfils the same position, however requires extra exact aiming. Feed the Flames is alright whenever you’re near an opponent, however its vary is a bit missing in comparison with Thermal Bomb.

The Pyromancer’s expertise even have a good bit of synergy. You possibly can ignite foes with Heatwave or Volcanic Rounds, earlier than utilizing Overheat as a follow-up. This in flip leaves them susceptible due to the Ash standing impact, which renders them motionless and unable to carry out any actions, leaving them susceptible to gunfire from the remainder of your squad. Ash Blast is there simply in case enemies get too near you, leaving them susceptible to a follow-up Thermal Bomb.

When trying on the Pyromancer’s expertise tree, its specialisations aren’t as numerous in comparison with different Outriders lessons. You’re both fixing enemies in place with Immobilize expertise and the Ash Breaker specialty, or dealing as a lot harm as attainable with Ignite and Explosive combos. Fireplace Storm and Tempest will bolster Ignite or Explosive expertise, respectively, and it doesn’t massively matter which you choose. As for mods you have to be looking out for, something that reduces cooldown or burn length is an absolute should.

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Finest outriders endgame construct

For the Outriders endgame expeditions, you’ll want to arrange your Pyromancer to have one of the best gear they’ll at CT15. The concept behind YouTuber Chadly99’s construct is to stack harm on prime of injury by switching between your important weapon and sub weapon. By swapping between the 2, you’ll negate the cooldown of the mod’s results.

Right here is one of the best Outriders endgame construct:


  • Heatwave
  • Eruption
  • Thermal Bomb

Class tree

Main nodes

  • Wildfire
  • Magma Elemental
  • Gas for the Embers

Minor nodes

  • Archmage x3
  • World Ablaze x1
  • Gifted x2
  • Mark’s Cumulation x1
  • Meltdown x2
  • Magma Golem x3
  • Unquenchable x2
  • Path by Fireplace x1
  • Heat Up x1

Weapons and mods

  • Fundamental weapon: Deathshield/Funeral Pyre
  • Sub weapon: Inheritor to the Desert/Juggler
  • Pistol: You need to use most legendary sidearms with vulnerability bullets, but it surely doesn’t actually matter which one because it’s probably not used.

Armor and mods

  • Headgear: Helmet of the Acari
    • Fireplace Tsunami
    • Journey the Wave
  • Chest: Armor of the Acari
    • Energy Assimilation
    • Tidal Wave
  • Waist: Waistcloth of the Acari
  • Gloves: Any Epic rarity gloves with Anomaly Energy, Standing Energy, and Cooldown Discount.
  • Boots: Any Epic rarity boots with Anomaly Energy, Standing Energy, and Cooldown Discount.
    • Burnt-Out
    • Harm Absorber/Warmth Leech

The Outriders Pyromancer skill icons in the in-game menu

Pyromancer expertise

Ability identify Ability kind Description Cooldown length Stage unlocked
Heatwave Ignite Summon a fiery wave that offers harm and inflicts Burn onto all enemies in its path. 13 seconds Stage 1
Feed the Flames Immobilize Choose and pull an enemy in direction of you, dealing harm, draining a certain quantity of well being, and inflicting Ash. 17 seconds Stage 2
Thermal Bomb Explosive Choose an enemy to Burn, Interrupt, and deal harm to. If killed whereas nonetheless by this ability, the enemy will explode, dealing heavy harm inside a big radius. 14 seconds Stage 4
Overheat Explosive Deal a bit of harm and Interrupt to all enemies in a big radius. Enemies. 22 seconds Stage 6
Volcanic Rounds Ignite Fill your present weapon’s journal with Anomaly-infused bullets that pierce targets and inflict Burn inside a small radius. This ability lasts till you turn weapons or reload your present weapon. 23 seconds Stage 9
Ash Blast Immobilize Create an anomaly blast to inflict Ash on all enemies in a radius round you. 23 seconds Stage 13
F.A.S.E.R Beam Ignite Fires an power beam that offers harm and causes each Burn, and Interrupt. Harm dealt advantages from 125% Standing Energy. 10 seconds Stage 17
Eruption Explosive Create a volcanic eruption beneath the enemy, dealing harm to that foe and close by enemies in a small radius across the goal. 37 seconds Stage 22

The Outriders Pyromancer branching talent tree

Pyromancer class perks

  • Pyromancer: Obtain an extra 10% anomaly energy. Expertise mark broken enemies for 15 seconds. Killing a marked goal heals you for twenty-four% of your most well being.
  • Assault Grasp: Improve your assault weapon harm by 20%, and assault weapons drop 12% extra typically (assault rifle, mild machinegun, submachine gun, and double gun)
  • Armor Melting: Improve your Armor Piercing towards marked enemies by 30%
  • Wild Fireplace: Lower all of your ability cooldowns by 10%
  • With Fireplace and Rifle: Activating Explosive expertise will increase your weapon harm by 45% for ten seconds
  • Sizzling Scenario: Activating your Immobilize expertise will increase your anomaly energy by 45% for ten seconds
  • Incinerate: The second Burn ends on an enemy, inflict Ash standing
  • Extinction: Improve harm by 20% towards enemies under 30% of well being
  • Inferno Bullets: Your firepower is elevated by 15% of your anomaly energy
  • Sniper Grasp: Improve your sniper weapon harm by 40%, and sniper weapons drop 12% extra typically (marksman rifle, computerized sniper rifle, and bolt motion rifle)
  • Distant Flame: Improve your anomaly energy by 25% for every unlocked Magma Golem class node
  • All Weapons Blazing: Improve weapon harm after any ability activation by 20% for seven seconds
  • With Fireplace and Anomaly: Activating Explosive expertise will increase your anomaly energy by 12% for ten seconds
  • Ashes to Ashes: Each time Ash is on an enemy, Weak standing is inflicted as properly
  • Phoenix Nestling: Upon dropping all well being, you obtain a second probability to return to the battlefield with 50% well being. Phoenix can revive you each 180 seconds
  • Chasing the Chill Away: Killing a marked enemy heals you by extra 12% of your most well being
  • Anomalous Lava: Activating Ignite expertise enhance your armour by 45% for ten seconds.
  • Leeching Drive: Activating Immobilize expertise doubles weapon leech for 4 seconds.

Ash Breaker specialty perks

  • …Damage Twice as Lengthy: Improve harm towards Elites by 10% and Elites deal 10% much less harm to you
  • Burning Scenario: Activating Immobilize expertise will increase weapon harm by 60% for ten seconds

Fireplace Storm specialty perks

  • Gas for the Embers: Doubles ability leech when beneath 30% well being
  • Magma Elemental: Activating Ignite expertise will increase your armour piercing by 45% and resistance piercing by 45% for ten seconds

Tempest specialty perks

  • Flames That Burn Twice: Will increase harm towards Elites by 10%
  • Grave Ablaze: Improve Explosive expertise base harm by 30%

You need to now have all the information you could create one of the best Outriders Pyromancer builds. For those who’re simply beginning out and haven’t settled on a category but, why not attempt one of the best Outriders Technomancer builds or the greatest Outriders Trickster builds? We even have a listing of all of the accessible Outriders legendary weapons, in addition to the Outriders farming areas so you possibly can convey them with you to the complete sport.

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