Some Wordle gamers misplaced streaks or stats when it moved to the NYT


The smash-hit every day phrase puzzle Wordle has moved over to the web site of the New York Occasions, who not too long ago purchased it for seven figures, and the transition has been a bit bumpy. Whereas the NYT model is meant to import stats from the unique web site, some gamers have been unfortunate. The NYT say they’re working to repair it. Their model is usually the identical however gamers have observed a couple of adjustments, supposedly together with a couple of phrases being eliminated.

The NYT’s Wordle FAQ stated they’ve robotically transferred statistics, together with streaks, from the outdated web site to their very own. They did warn that stats are saved regionally in your browser, so it is best to use the identical machine and browser in the event that they did not look proper. However there’s an precise technical drawback past that.

At 9:25pm on Thursday, the NYT’s Wordplay account tweeted that they had been conscious some gamers had their streak reset. The newest replace got here 5 hours later:

Fingers crossed to your all-important streak, reader expensive.

Whereas the NYT say that they have not modified the way in which you play Wordle, they may have modified one thing. Reddit poster “randybruder” says they in contrast the phrase lists (Wordle options are picked from an inventory you possibly can see with a bit technorummaging) and located the NYT’s model of Wordle is lacking six phrases that had been within the authentic. I’ve checked and yup, these are gone.

A kind of is probably going eliminated as a result of it is spelled in another way in American English and English English. This localisation state of affairs beforehand triggered controversy with the solutions favor and humor, as a result of who thinks to strive nonexistent made-up dreamland phrases? Two of the others eliminated are slave and lynch and yeah, I positive can see why they’d would not need these as puzzle solutions. Likewise, I perceive why they may be cautious of wench. However I can not guess why they might have eliminated agora and pupal and I do not need to Google alternate meanings to those phrases in case they become horrifying cyberfetishes beforehand unknown to me. Fan-made Wordle variants nonetheless utilizing the unique listing will diverge from the official Wordle as soon as the primary of those comes up, which randybruder says can be on Tuesday.

The Reddit poster additionally claimed that 19 phrases have been faraway from the allowed guess listing, most of them offensive or ethnic slurs. Yep I can perceive eradicating these too.

You may play Wordle on its new residence on the NYT Video games web site, the place it is nonetheless free.

Wordle has impressed an awesome many video games taking some features of its grids and guesses in fascinating new instructions. Worldle has you guess international locations from their silhouettes, Semantle is extraordinarily tough with no mounted phrase size, Sweardle makes use of cuss phrases, and Dungleon has you guess a dungeon composition. And that is solely a handful of ’em.

Don’t fret: no spoilers right here! I did not use as we speak’s puzzle to create the header picture ↑ up there, it is from earlier this week.

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