Scarlet Hood and the Depraved Wooden Evaluation: Return to Oz


A reputation like Scarlet Hood and the Depraved Wooden is certain to conjure ideas of the basic fairy story it clearly attracts its title from. You’d be extra correct in calling it a thinly veiled retelling of L. Frank Baum’s The Fantastic Wizard of Ouncesthough. In contrast to the beloved youngsters’s story, nevertheless, Scarlet Hood is a shallow expertise that misses the purpose of what got here earlier than it.

Scarlet Hood and the Depraved Wooden
Developer: Devespresso
Worth: $15
Platform: PC
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If you happen to’ve ever performed Devespresso’s different video games, The Coma: Reducing Class and its sequel, then you definitely already know what to anticipate gameplay-wise. Gamers management Scarlet, a southern gal with goals of superstardom, throughout the fantastical two-dimensional panorama of Glome, dodging flying monkeys and fixing obtuse puzzles. I say obtuse as a result of as of this writing, I nonetheless don’t know how I used to be meant to resolve one puzzle. A distinct puzzle I used to be additionally caught on got here with an incorrect resolution from a information supplied by the builders. There’s even an omnipresent lurking enemy within the Brer Wolf, the principle antagonist’s acquainted, which Scarlet should cover from each time it rears its ugly head. The forest the sport takes place in can also be loaded with consumable gadgets and foreign money you’ll in all probability by no means use. 

Devespresso added a number of parts to Scarlet Hood that, to some, would possibly make it really feel like a unique sport. Being a witch, Scarlet has a sixth sense that may assist her remedy puzzles and eliminate enemies alongside her path. The ambiance can also be that of a lighthearted fairy story relatively than a Korean horror story. These traits fail to set Scarlet Hood aside from Devespresso’s prior work, nevertheless, and it’s not possible to take a step ahead with out noticing how by-product it’s.

Scarlet Hood’s story isn’t doing it a lot justice both. It’s a continuing and blunt reminder of an infinitely higher story within the early Twentieth-century novel, The Fantastic Wizard of Oz. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a replica and paste job, however the parts in Scarlet Hood are generally a bit too exact. 

Narratively, it stands taller than its gameplay, however that isn’t saying quite a bit. It differentiates itself simply sufficient to not be a facsimile: There’s a looping timeline holding Scarlet Hood’s premise collectively, for instance, and Scarlet is extra of a determine in her story than Dorothy was within the first Oz. It additionally lacks any significant allegory in anyway, extinguishing any flame it could have held over Baum’s unique creation, which served as a metaphor for late Nineteenth-century political economics.

I make an effort to guage a sport with out evaluating it towards different media outdoors itself. It’s enjoyable to see and focus on the place a sport pulls its affect from, however it’s uncommon that I let it have an effect on the ultimate phrase a lot. Scarlet Hood, nevertheless, is a continuing reminder of different media that did it higher. It’s an injustice to Devespresso’s prior work, and it’s disingenuous to the unique story it’s attempting to emulate.

The Ultimate Phrase
A missing homage to decidedly higher content material.


– MonsterVine Ranking: 2.5 out of 5 – Mediocre

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