RPGolf Legends evaluation: fairway to middling


Anecdotally, the primary data of contemporary golf date again to its banning in fifteenth century Scotland. “Nay Golf,” mentioned parliament. “It’s turning the troopers into fiendish, turf-snorting club-strokers who’d relatively say shit like ‘Triple Bogey’ than batter the English, and we’re no having it.” RPGolf Legends just isn’t set in fifteenth century Scotland, nevertheless it does happen in a world the place golf has been banned. Solely you – by means of the ability of bare-bones ARPG fight and a enjoyable however restricted golf mini-game – can save the noble sport from ostensible nonexistence.

I say ostensible as a result of, in actuality, golf is in all places. Our heroine Aerin’s hometown is named Mulligandale. It has two retailers, considered one of them devoted completely to golf. Folks shimmy about in golfwear, speaking about golf. Many give out golf-related quests, the rewards for that are often some type of {golfing} paraphernalia, usually golf balls. The precise golf programs themselves have been sealed off by an ill-defined large villainous, however when you put a translucent barrier across the factor you’re making an attempt to crush and nonetheless let the individuals you’re trying to terrorise construct their whole society as a monument to it, you’re principally asking for a plucky hero to revive the nationwide passtime to glory. Extremely questionable little bit of villainy, this.

To avoid wasting the world from not having any golf in it, Aerin must play golf. To play golf, Aerin must energy up a speaking golf membership she fished out of a lake. To energy up the membership, she must both defeat enemies or rating nicely on holes she’s already unlocked. In order that’s how I discovered myself clubbing crabs to loss of life on a seaside to a pleasant panpipe melody, scavenging their innards for an previous man in a hut. Not rats, might I add, though it could possibly be argued that crabs are the rats of the sand. Then I spotted I’d learn the search fallacious. Not simply any crab meat would sate this growing older killer’s insatiable starvation for crustacean flesh. I must kill the crab king itself.

That is how I beat the crab king. I pressed the assault button as soon as. The crab king revved up, so I held the block button. A gap introduced itself, so I pressed the assault button once more, as soon as. The king revved up once more. I do know this transfer, I believed. So I held down the block button. Then attacked once more, as soon as. I did this till it was useless, then adopted up this profoundly unsatisfying spot of decapodian regicide by watching a firework show. I do know this transfer, too, I believed. That is the social gathering earlier than I wave goodbye to my hometown ceaselessly and enterprise off into the broader world.

This was the primary large instance of a comfortingly traditional tone and construction the sport runs with. A brilliant, optimistic soundtrack plinks alongside as you homicide slimes and imps. Whereas there’s a couple of overt meta jokes, the writers truly present an admirable quantity of restraint right here. The sport’s humour principally comes from earnestly leaning into its personal premise and embracing the inherent silliness inside. A nice shock, for certain.

Aerin travels the world first by boat, then by golf cart, then afterward, by airship. Every new space has its personal twist on traversal, fight, and {the golfing} itself. The grass zone is good and grassy, the poison zone has poison lakes that may swallow the ball, and so forth. Non-compulsory sidequests have you ever looking for objects and doing the occasional little bit of puzzle dungeon-delving, and every space is capped off by a boss/golf course combo.

A big tree with a scary mouth yells,

Aerin will beat up, say, an enormous evil tree (see proper), blocking gusts of razor leaves along with her membership. Then, when the tree’s exhausted, you get a small window of reprieve to attempt to full the golf gap the battle takes place on. Take too lengthy, and the tree will get a second wind. These fights are excellently tense culminations of every thing else the sport does, and splendidly novel as well.

However what of the golf itself? Nicely, it’s positively golf. You line up your shot, and the sport auto selects whichever membership it feels is greatest for the job. Typically, the sport is fallacious, however happily you possibly can at all times choose a distinct membership when you assume one thing else could be higher. Then, you do a few these ‘cease the quickly transferring blip within the place you need it’ bits to use energy, and swing away. Random climate introduces some slight variables. It’s a nice distraction reformed as a core mechanic, nevertheless it does not stir any robust emotions in me.

A hooded golfer swings their club in a desert in RPGolf Legends

In its finer second (singular), RPGolf Legends appears to trace at a common reality, a wry wink on the nature of golf and RPGs each: that the identical inherent satisfaction in tapping a ball right into a gap additionally exists in repeatedly whacking pots and shrubbery and watching them shudder out of existence, spewing forth gold cash as they fade into the ether. Primarily, I’d at all times seen golf as a flex for individuals with so many leisure hours at their disposal that they’ll fortunately spend them doing one thing solely barely extra attention-grabbing than watching themselves decompose in real-time. Fools, I’ll chortle smugly, as I fortunately spent 4 hours in a dopamine haze, carving up digital monsters for digital bones. And similar to that, the one leg I used to be standing on fades and shudders out of existence like that fucking shubbery.

The choice is you beat, like, 30 enemies to loss of life in a row, draining every of its paltry providing of life pressure like some form of ravenous golf vampire.

Nonetheless – and right here’s the rub – I can’t fortunately spend 4 hours grinding in RPGolf Legends. As a result of, boiled right down to its frog glue, the sport has two mechanics, and neither of them are enjoyable for prolonged intervals. It’s these power bars. Once more, you want full power to unlock a brand new gap, and this turns every thing else the sport does right into a joy-sucking funnel of compulsory chores. To get power from golf holes, you must at the least rating par, then do nicely on a slot machine-style reward vomiter on the finish. You would possibly get 100% power, which suggests you possibly can transfer onto the following gap instantly. Extra probably, you’ll get 25% or 50%, which suggests grinding the identical course. Or, you possibly can simply as nicely get nothing, which suggests doing the identical, solely angrier.

A hooded golfer asks where they are in a strange, spooky town in RPGolf Legends

The choice is you beat, like, 30 enemies to loss of life in a row, draining every of its paltry providing of life pressure like some form of ravenous golf vampire. The fight right here is serviceable, in small doses, however with no dodge roll – at the least not instantly – it simply feels stodgy and unsatisfying. A static forwards and backwards. Among the slimes don’t even care when you block. They only leap in your face and sit there for some time, then steal some well being. Absolute parasites. First in opposition to the wall, these slimes.

Even so, I can’t fairly convey myself to hate it. However I knew that entering into. It wins sufficient on idea to make the execution sort of secondary, and truthfully, it’s received way more substance than I anticipated. So, whereas I can’t advocate that you simply half along with your money to expertise RPGolf Legends this very second, I can completely advocate that the bubbling fountain of glowing madlads at ArticNet preserve doing what they’re doing, as a result of the world wants extra unshackled visionaries like them. Nonetheless, with the Lunar Steam Sale on in the intervening time, you possibly can get What the Golf and the Grandia HD Remaster for much less cash, alternate between the 2, and have a significantly better time.

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