Rise of Kingdoms – How To Stage Up Commanders Quick


It’s one factor to unlock commander, nevertheless it’s a completely totally different factor to have that commander rise to the utmost stage. It is advisable to know that leveling up a commander takes time, dedication, and dedication.

When you keep targeted, you possibly can rise steadily. With persistence, the progress you make over the following couple of months shall be price it.

The quickest technique to stage up commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is to construct forts, kill barbarians and guardians, take part in occasions, enhance your VIP standing stage, and problem your self with expedition mode – extra data beneath.

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Work in your VIP standing stage

Growing your VIP standing stage may help you stage up commanders quick.

With a excessive VIP stage, you’ll have extra expertise books as a result of you might have a greater VIP chest.

Most gamers normally use their gems to improve their VIP standing.

A excessive VIP standing stage is helpful in a couple of approach; you’ll purchase golden keys in addition to each starlight and commander sculptures.

You have to all of these items to improve your commanders when the time is true.

Killing guardians and barbarians

Killing barbarians and guardians is a good way to stage up your commanders.

Lohar and Aethelflaed are wonderful commander picks when preventing barbarians.

With Lohar and Aethelflaed as commanders, the harm executed to the barbarians shall be excessive.

Additionally, you will scale back the price of the motion factors wanted to kill the barbarians through the use of these two commanders.

If you stage up commander by killing barbarians, you’ll drop gems whereas rushing up on coaching.

If you wish to maximize on this, be sure you assault at KVK time.

While you’re at it, yow will discover a rune to extend your stage of expertise and stage up commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

If you wish to kill guardians, concentrate on these in zone 3 throughout KVK.

Be sure you have all peacekeeping commanders earlier than you go for the guardians.

When you do that, you’ll achieve extra commander expertise.

If you kill the guardians, you’ll be rewarded with blueprints for gear.

Destroy forts

The quickest technique to stage up your commander is by destroying forts.

To destroy extra forts, you have to to be in an lively alliance.

You additionally stand an opportunity of profitable 50 motion factors each time you destroy a fort.

Boudica and Aethelflaed are the perfect commanders when taking part in gamers to destroy forts.

Forts are the toughest buildings to improve, and by destroying them you achieve books of covenant.

Taking up a single commander at a time

When you attempt to stage too many commanders at a time, your consideration shall be divided.

Along with your focus unfold skinny, you’ll thwart your capacity to thrive in expedition mode, take part in vital occasions and deal with stronger barbarians.

You must all the time do not forget that a high-level commander is extra highly effective.

A high-level commander can simply cope with more durable enemies and dominate them shortly.

With a single commander, you’ll purchase extra expertise and extra rewards since you are preventing more durable enemies.

Take into consideration the commander that you really want, and when you make a alternative, know that they’re right here to remain.

The trick is to decide on a very good commander straight-up.

Take part in occasions

So many occasions in Rise of Kingdoms provide you with Tome of Data.

Occasions are a wise technique to enhance your leveling up commander course of.

They might not reward you with lots, however taking part in occasions is vital and each XP is essential.

You must all the time attempt to take part in occasions as a lot as you possibly can, not for the expertise alone, but additionally for the rewards that include it.

Problem your self with expedition mode

Expedition mode is nice for coaching commanders.

When you full 3 missions, you possibly can gather the rewards and hand them over to the commanders of your alternative as expertise.

As you full extra phases, you get extra books which you’ll give your commanders as expertise.

The Return on Funding from Expedition mode is completely price it.

At all times attempt to play the Expedition Mode as a lot as you possibly can.

At all times keep lively in Rise of Kingdoms and you’ll stage up commander quickly sufficient.

That’s the way to stage up your commanders quick in Rise of Kingdoms!

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