Rise of Kingdoms – Greatest Civilization Tier Checklist (April 2021)


Your Civilization, also called nation, in Rise of Kingdoms determines the perks of your metropolis and what particular unit and beginning commander you get entry to.

Selecting a robust civilization that matches your purpose and progress might help you progress and increase your kingdom sooner.

In the intervening time, there are a complete of 11 distinctive civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

Many gamers have problem selecting what civilization to go for on the totally different levels within the recreation.

Subsequently, we’ve created this Rise of Kingdoms civilization tier listing to provide you an summary of the most effective civilizations general later within the recreation in addition to suggestions for early on and for particular duties.

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Civilization tier listing

Whenever you begin enjoying Rise of Kingdom, you’ll be required to decide on your civilization.

Each civilization options distinctive architectural constructing types, particular items, beginning commanders, and perks.

The variety within the civilizations provides Rise of Kingdoms an thrilling twist.

One civilization might velocity up useful resource manufacturing and gathering, or shoot up the velocity of analysis and constructing whereas one other might provide stat boosts to both a selected troop or to a number of troops.

The variety means that you can select a civilization that helps you attain your present wants.

For these causes, that preliminary choice is very essential.

You’ll be able to change your civilization later, however getting one which helps you from the beginning is a giant benefit.

Given the perks every civilization provide, some civilizations are higher earlier on whereas others are higher afterward within the recreation.

Subsequently, it’s advisable that you just change your civilization in some unspecified time in the future.

As talked about, the civilization you begin with is rarely closing.

In alternate for 10,000 Gems, you should use the Civilization Change function to shift to a civilization that excels in a selected activity or enjoying model or one which fits your standing within the recreation.

With a selected technique in thoughts, you’ll be able to select the proper civilization that aligns with it.

For instance, you need to select a civilization that’s glorious at rallying if you’re a rally chief in your alliance.

The civilization you select ought to increase your specialty for those who excel in a sure exercise.

The next tier listing ranks all civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms based mostly on how highly effective and helpful they’re late-game.

In case you are simply beginning out, try the later elements of this information for suggestions at earlier factors within the recreation in addition to for particular aims.

The civilizations are ranked in tiers from S to C, with S being the best and C the bottom.

We are going to replace this tier listing because the meta evolves, the sport is up to date, or a brand new civilization is carried out.

The present tier listing is predicated on rankings of civilizations by Rise of Kingdoms YouTubers and the Rise of Kingdoms subreddit group.

Greatest beginning civilization

The most effective civilization for brand spanking new gamers of Rise of Kingdoms is China.

Led by commander Solar Tzu and improved troops, China’s protection capabilities are robust and compact.

As a starter, China will give you nice perks, particularly to start with levels of the sport the place increase your metropolis is essential.

At this level within the recreation, you need to focus completely on upgrading your Metropolis Corridor.

Rise of Kingdoms China Civilization


China is the most effective civilization for starters as a result of it presents a 5% improve in Constructing Pace Boosts.

A lot of the powers you will have will likely be coming from the buildings you make.

You’ll be able to then use the ability to hurry to larger Metropolis Corridor ranges and improve your probabilities of entering into a strong alliance.

Additionally, you will get 5% Motion Level Restoration as you begin.

With motion level restoration, you’ll be able to recuperate motion factors swiftly.

You should use them to excel in a number of occasions and increase your commanders sooner.

At this tempo, it’s also possible to hunt extra barbarians as a result of your enjoying model will shift to action-based fight.

China additionally boosts your Troop Protection by 3%.

This wonderful trait applies to items similar to siege, cavalry, infantry, and archers.

You’ll respect how helpful this trait is as quickly as you begin constructing armies consisting of assorted troops.

Focus for China

  • Shortly construct up your metropolis – particularly your Metropolis Corridor
  • Give attention to protection quite than offense whereas making your metropolis highly effective
  • At first of the sport, give attention to constructing a robust metropolis, not a robust attacking military


Solar Tzu will increase your protection as a beginning commander, however additionally, you will meet different commanders similar to:

  • Cao Cao.
  • Wu Zetian.
  • Guan Yu.

You may as well use Solar Tzu’s lively expertise in PvP and area battles. 

Particular items

As quickly as you unlock tier 4 troops, you’ll purchase two particular items – Chu-Ko-Nu and Elite Chu-Ko-Nu.

These particular items have a fantastic steadiness of assault and protection stats.

They can help you stand up to highly effective assaults and vigorous blows.

They assist counter infantry rushes as effectively.

China is the best starter civilization as a result of it presents the required constructing velocity boosts and defensive boosts.

Beginning out, you need to give attention to improvement and keep away from open warfare, which is strictly what China means that you can do.

Greatest civilization for F2P

The most effective civilization for F2P (free-to-play) gamers of Rise of Kingdoms is Britain.

Britain is a civilization that proudly presents a combination of protection and offense.

With Boudica because the beginning commander, Britain boats immense energy.

She is kind of highly effective relating to killing barbarians, which is why she ranges up shortly.

In Britain, the archers are barely stronger, and the items might be skilled sooner than in different civilizations.

Britain is an alliance-based civilization, a vital trait to have later within the recreation, as alliances usually tend to need you of their group.

Rise of Kingdoms Britain Civilization


Britain presents a 5% archer assault bonus.

This bonus works effectively when specializing in commanders that additionally increase the ability of archer items.

By rising archer assault by 5%, Britain turns into among the best assist civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

With a 20% improve in ally garrison capability, you’ll be able to accommodate numerous allies in your metropolis.

With extra allies and a superb defender, you’ll have a robust, highly effective protection in opposition to incoming assaults.

Elevated garrison capability additionally makes you capable of inflict a ton of injury, and extra troops are a really highly effective trait to have throughout alliance wars.

It is advisable be in a robust alliance to maximise this trait.

Inside an alliance, you’ll be able to assist velocity up the constructing of flags and alliance garrisons.

Troop coaching velocity is elevated by as much as 5% in Britain.

Pace is essential once you begin coaching your tier 4 and tier 5 items.

Later within the recreation, this perk will end in many hours of coaching saved.

The additional time saved can be utilized to coach and set up different items.

Focus for Britain

  • It is best to at all times be coaching troops to maximise the advantages of your perk. 
  • Use the truth that different alliance members profit out of your perks to get into a fantastic alliance. 
  • Give attention to archer-boosting commanders. Skilled archery commanders are lethal and are much more highly effective together with your perks.


Your beginning commander when selecting Britain is Boudica.

In a while, additionally, you will get to accumulate:

  • Lancelot.
  • Richard I.
  • Edward of Woodstock.

Particular items

Whenever you unlock tier 4 troops, the Longbowman will change into accessible to you.

On advancing to tier 5 troops, additionally, you will get entry to the Elite Longbowman.

These two are particular robust archer-type items.

They’re among the finest attackers in Rise of Kingdoms, they usually can cope with huge blows, and much more when paired with an archer-based commander and Britain’s perks.

Greatest civilization for farming

The most effective civilization in Rise of Kingdoms for farming is Japan.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a stable civilization that gives good farming capabilities and a fantastic beginning commander with lively, offensive troops, then look no additional than Japan.

This civilization is concentrated on strategic improvement and tactical consciousness.

The accessible bonuses empower gamers with robust map exploration skills.

Gamers can determine essential zones that they’ll prey on, assault, or pillage.

With the exploration capabilities of Japan paired with its collect velocity bonus, you’ll be able to farm extra effectively than different civilizations within the recreation.

Rise of Kingdoms Japan Civilization


As you play, you’ll be concerned about unlocking every part in your kingdom.

30% improve in scout march velocity will assist your scout transfer across the map sooner.

Due to this important scout marching velocity, you don’t have to attend in your scouts as a lot, which lets you uncover extra of your kingdom, together with locations to farm some further sources.

Moreover, once you uncover your complete map of your kingdom, you get 10 golden keys as a reward.

It is best to take into account working with gathering commanders as a result of, in Japan, useful resource gathering velocity is elevated by 5%.

It is possible for you to to assemble all sorts of sources sooner and velocity up your growth.

The pairing of a gathering-focused commander and this perk creates a tremendous farming setting.

On this civilization, all of your items may even profit from a 3% improve in troop assault.

A rise in your troops’ assault is a helpful bonus that advantages you in each preventing different gamers and farming barbarians.

Focus for Japan

  • Scout as a lot as attainable. You’re going to get 10 golden keys free of charge by the monument if once you’ve cleared your complete map in your kingdom of fog.
  • Use gathering-focused commanders. Having a gathering velocity increase of 5% helps you collect stone, gold, meals, wooden, and gems. In the event you make use of gathering commanders, you’ll be able to farm much more sources shortly.
  • At all times have some farming operating, be it gathering or attacking, and at all times have scouts out exploring for those who haven’t found your complete map but. 


Japan has one of many highest numbers of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

It has a complete of 5 with Kusunoki Masashige because the beginning commander.

Later it’s also possible to get:

  • Ishida Mitsunari. 
  • Tomoe Gozen.
  • Takeda Shingen.
  • Minamoto No Ypshitune.

Particular items

In the course of the Feudal age, you’ll unlock the particular unit Samurai, an infantry unit.

You’ll be able to prepare him once you’ve received entry to tier 4 troops utilizing technological analysis.

You unlock the Elite Samurai upon gaining access to tier 5 troops.

They launch highly effective offensive assaults, which makes them among the finest attackers within the recreation.

Japan is an thrilling civilization to play in Rise of Kingdoms because it means that you can make strategic setups and uncover the map faster than others.

Greatest civilization for infantry

The most effective civilization for infantry in Rise of Kingdoms is France.

It options among the strongest infantry items within the recreation and perks to spice up them additional.

Joan of Arc is the beginning commander, and she’s going to aid you in your improvement.

With elevated therapeutic velocity, you will get your military again to hurry faster than others, which is helpful late-game.

Joan of Arc has gathering bonuses that can help you construct sooner and thus advance at a faster tempo.

Rise of Kingdoms France Civilization


You’ll face laborious battles afterward within the recreation.

With a 20% improve within the hospital therapeutic velocity, your items have a sooner restoration and might get again to the battlefield sooner.

In the event you focus additional in your hospital therapeutic velocity, you’ll be able to construct a robust setup the place you’ll be able to dish out many items all through a chronic battle.

France will increase wooden gathering velocity by as much as 10% – one other helpful buff for upgrading your metropolis.

Archers, infantry, and calvary will all take pleasure in a 3% well being bonus.

This trait is essential on the battlefield.

Pair this perk with a commander that enhances infantry items and the particular items of France, and you’ve got a strong combo.

Focus for France

  • Construct up a strong military with infantry and an infantry-focused commander.
  • Use the fast unit turnaround to maintain bringing items to extended battles.
  • Make the most of the wooden gathering buff France has to get your farming going.


The beginning commander of France is Joan of Arc.

You may as well get the next afterward:

  • Charlemagne. 
  • Charles Martel. 

Particular items

You’ll meet the Throwing Axeman and the Elite Throwing Axeman, two particular items, throughout tier 4 unit coaching.

They each have good well being stats and assaults.

They will absorb robust blows, mobilize shortly all through the map and deal numerous harm.

Greatest civilization for cavalry

The most effective civilization for cavalry in Rise of Kingdoms is Germany.

Germany presents you extra motion level restoration in comparison with different civilizations and may be very targeted on calvary.

The elevated troop coaching velocity will likely be a useful trait afterward within the recreation.

With the ten% improve in motion level restoration, you’ll be able to shortly construct up a strong military.

Germany is a flexible civilization that’s excellent for doing effectively in battles, progressing by the sport at a fast tempo, and leveling up commanders quick.

Herman will likely be your beginning commander, and along with horsemen, he’ll shield town in any respect prices.

Germany provides gamers a bonus in rising and constructing armies.

It is very important be aware that with Germany, your playstyle ought to be extra targeted on attacking quite than defending.

Rise of Kingdoms Germany Civilization


With a 10% improve in further level restoration, you’ll be in a greater place to take part in something that entails motion factors.

You’ll be able to, for instance, benefit from barbarian camps utilizing your further level restoration and purchase extra sources and expertise, as you don’t must spend lengthy hours coaching your troops.

With a 5% improve in troop coaching velocity, all of your items might be skilled swiftly.

You’ll take pleasure in this bonus all through the ages as a member of Germany.

Coaching tier 5 items is often fairly time-consuming, making this increase very helpful.

To optimize your energy, we suggest discovering commanders similar to Attila or Shingen who synergize effectively with the 5% cavalry assault bonus Germany provides.

Rise of Kingdoms has a number of enjoying types, however if you’re trying to throw some cash on the recreation, then Germany is certainly among the best decisions.

All in all, Germany is a well-rounded civilization that does very effectively offensively all through the sport, and particularly late-game.

Focus for Germany

  • Make the most of the coaching velocity bonus. You must hold coaching troops to remain forward of your opponents. The bonus turns into much more useful as you begin the coaching of tier 4 and tier 5 troops. 
  • Give attention to cavalry-boosting commanders. You have already got a 5% assault increase for cavalry, so pairing it with a commander that additional boosts them may end up in an extremely highly effective cavalry-based military. 
  • Your playstyle ought to be offense-oriented when enjoying as Germany. Its perks allow you to create highly effective armies shortly.


Herman is the beginning commander of Germany.

He excels in silencing enemy commanders.

Later, it’s also possible to get:

  • Constance. 
  • Frederick I. 

Particular items 

The 2 particular items of Germany are Teutonic Knight and Elite Teutonic Knight.

They each change into accessible for coaching upon unlocking tier 4 items.

They give attention to mobility and assault.

Being massive items on the tankier aspect, they’ll additionally take heavy blows with out being too harmed.

They will simply clear enemy archers too.

This unit’s protection is healthier than that of unique knights and have a stronger assault.

That’s our tackle a tier listing on the most effective civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms in addition to the most effective civilizations in particular classes.

If you wish to assist us enhance this tier listing, depart your ideas and enter within the remark part under.

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