Radio Viscera is about shoving enemies into traps with gleefully gory outcomes


Everybody is aware of that kicking grunts intro traps in Darkish Messiah of Would possibly & Magic is among the best pleasures in videogames. Radio Viscera appears to be like like a recreation fully about that feeling. Performed from a top-down perspective, you wield an air cannon that may blast holes in partitions and punt peeps into meat grinders.

Like a bouncy Crusader: No Regret:

Or Orcs Should Die! with out the necessity to construct the traps your self?

All this horrible, fantastic violence is justified by the setting being a “satanic Y2K cultist compound” you are combating your manner by way of. There’s little or no signal of minions combating again within the trailer above, however presumably they constructed all these mincers for their very own nefarious functions.

There are costumes to unlock, a scoreboard to climb and an automated GIF maker for sharing clips, based on the sport’s Steam web page, however I am actually simply excited about it for the flexibility to destructively toss folks about. Pushing folks into misfortune feels so significantly better than immediately inflicting it, and any recreation that lets me blow holes in partitions is a delight.

Radio Viscera is from the builders of Small Radios Huge Televisions, which the presence of “radio” within the identify apart, could not be extra totally different. It was a bizarre, fairly recreation about clicking on environments to seek out casette tapes, with not a smear of blood in sight.

Radio Viscera is aiming for launch this summer time and you possibly can join a e-newsletter at its official web site.

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