Phasmophobia’s ghosts will now get quicker whereas they chase you


Sure, I do know it’s now half a yr previous the prime month for spooky video games however ghost sleuthing sim Phasmophobia has not let that cease its continuous updates. So I cannot let it cease me from speaking about them both. As of a beta department replace final weekend, Phasmo’s ghosts are, as soon as once more, a lot tougher, higher, quicker, and stronger than earlier than. Sure, all 4. I’ll show it to you to justify my tortured, dated reference.

As I have been banging on about for months, Phasmophobia was one of many greatest video games of 2020 and the greatest solution to play it is on the beta department the place issues are all the time altering. What’s modified this week is that ghosts are smarter, particularly in methods which can be designed to torture me personally.

Right here, I am going to break down the highlights for you in lyrical order as a substitute of significance:

  • Tougher: The ghost now has a 50% probability to recollect the place it final noticed you over the past hunt and can search that space within the subsequent hunt.
  • Higher (for me): Furnishings will now block the road of sight between you and the ghost. Which means that there at the moment are much more locations you possibly can disguise in all maps slightly than simply closets and lockers.
  • Sooner: All ghosts besides Revenants will now transfer more and more quicker over time in the event that they see you throughout a hunt. The velocity will solely drop if they cannot see you after they’ve checked your final recognized location.
  • Stronger: When you hold speaking inside a locker or closet and the ghost is aware of you’re in there it’ll now absolutely open each of the closet or locker doorways on its second try even if you’re grabbing them.

Additionally of significance is that “The ghost now has an opportunity to barely open each closet doorways on the similar time throughout a hunt.” Ghosts opening closet doorways whilst you’re hiding in them is dangerous sufficient, a factor I’ve cried about at size, however having the ability to open each doorways directly? Simply homicide me now, thanks.

Ghosts rising in velocity as they chase you is horrifying as nicely. They’re going to decelerate in the event that they lose your path, however I absolutely count on that this implies getting chased down an extended hallway on the highschool, asylum, and jail maps will probably be lethal.

On the intense aspect, furnishings offering cowl is a really forgiving change. Getting caught in a farmouse attic will not be a demise sentence. There’s all the time sufficient litter up there to cover behind.

One of the best a part of Phasmophobia updates for me is realizing that even after studying the patch notes, the ghosts will handle to shock me. I am going to have missed or forgotten some key change. Or the ghosts will behave unusually as a result of generally they simply do this. No measure of forewarning can forestall me being spooked and I feel it is grand.

You possibly can catch the remainder of the patch notes from the weekend proper right here. These modifications are all now on Phasmophobia’s beta department which you’ll be able to, and completely ought to, decide in to by means of your recreation’s Steam settings.

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