Misplaced Ark – Can You Select the Gender of Your Character?


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Creating your character is step one in beginning your journey in Misplaced Ark.

Being an MMORPG, Misplaced Ark contains a huge character customization system that means that you can tune the look of your character to your liking.

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One thing that many gamers shortly discover is that the gender of your character modifications relying on what class you choose within the character creation menu.

In Misplaced Ark, the gender of your character is decided by the superior class that you just choose. Some total courses can solely be one gender, whereas some will be each male or feminine. Each single superior class within the recreation, nevertheless, is gender-locked.

Due to the gender-lock system in Misplaced Ark, you may solely select the gender of your character by deciding on a sophisticated class that matches the gender you want to play.

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Are you able to select gender in Misplaced Ark?

No, you can’t freely select the gender of your character in Misplaced Ark. Superior courses are gender-locked, which signifies that some courses are solely male and a few are solely feminine.

If you’re creating a personality in Misplaced Ark, you’ll shortly discover that the gender of the character modifications based mostly on what class you choose.

Misplaced Ark has chosen superior courses to solely be of 1 gender, that are the precise courses you play. Some total courses or branches have each female and male superior courses or subclasses.

Listed below are all the general courses that may solely be one gender and what gender they’re:

  • Warrior: Male
  • Mage: Feminine
  • Murderer: Feminine

If you wish to play any superior class inside these total courses, then you haven’t any selection however to play as a personality of the gender they’re locked to.

These are the general courses which have each feminine and male superior courses in Misplaced Ark:

  • Martial Artist: Feminine or Male
  • Gunner: Feminine or Male

Although these total courses or branches have each female and male superior courses, every superior class can solely be performed as both male or feminine.

Here’s a full overview of every superior class in Misplaced Ark and whether or not they’re male or feminine.

If you wish to particularly play both a male or a feminine character, then it’s a must to select a sophisticated class that matches that.

That’s all you have to learn about gender choice when creating characters in Misplaced Ark!

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