Maplestory – Reboot Meso Farming Information 2021


On the Reboot server of Maplestory, every little thing revolves round mesos.

You want mesos to star drive improve your tools and to buy cubes – two of the primary methods to extend your injury on Reboot.

Given the significance of mesos on Reboot, it’s good to farm a bunch when you want to make your character robust sufficient to tackle the hardest bosses within the recreation.

On this information, we provide you with all the data you want on meso farming on the Reboot server, each for early on within the recreation and for late recreation.

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Basic meso farming suggestions

Made as a approach for gamers to expertise gameplay nearer to the unique Maplestory, plenty of options have been eliminated or modified on the Reboot server.

Most notably, mesos change the price of many cash-only gadgets like Crimson and Black cubes, scrolling or spell tracing is disabled, and monsters have extra HP however give extra EXP and drop extra mesos.

One other vital distinction between common servers and the Reboot server is that you simply can’t commerce with different gamers on Reboot.

These adjustments create an atmosphere the place opposite to common servers, farming mesos turns into the primary approach to receive them.

Most of the often-used meso making strategies on common servers require buying and selling with and promoting to different gamers, which you can not do on Reboot.

Although farming mesos appears fairly straight-forward, there are some issues you are able to do to considerably enhance the variety of mesos you get per hour.

Getting your mesos obtained stat up is crucial when you want to enhance your meso farming.

Listed below are the various things that may provide the mesos obtained buff:

  • Gear (potential strains)
  • Interior Capacity
  • Legion Grid
  • Useable Buffs

You will get a most of +100% Mesos Obtained from tools, +20% Mesos Obtained from Interior Capacity, +5% Mesos Obtained from the Legion Grid.

This implies you can get a most of +125% mesos obtained from passive buffs and boosts, however you’ll be able to additional enhance your mesos obtained with useable buffs and when occasions are lively.

There’s a most cap on Mesos Obtained, although, which is about at +300% Mesos Obtained regardless of the mixture of buffs, passives, and occasions.

Farming mesos with no pet is sort of unimaginable, as there are too many meso baggage to choose up.

We strongly suggest that you simply get your self a pet, or your mesos earned per hour will drop by round 90%, relying on what number of mobs you defeat per hour.

You’ll be able to both buy a pet from the Money Store with NX, get one from Laborious Hilla in case you are robust sufficient, or can discover a carry.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to promote mesos for NX on the meso market on common servers after which purchase one from the Money Store.

Having a couple of pet will even enhance the variety of mesos you farm per hour, however from one to 2 or three pets will removed from enhance your mesos earned per hour as a lot as from zero to 1 pet will.

Making a devoted meso farming character is a superb thought as some courses are higher on the job than others.

By far, the preferred meso farming class is Kanna, who not solely has wonderful AoE and a ability that she will be able to place on the bottom, permitting her to shortly clear a whole map but additionally possesses Kishin that enhance the spawn price of monsters.

Many different courses who can shortly and persistently clear a whole map can be nice meso farmers, however normally, a Kanna will beat them.

A very powerful factor is, nonetheless, that you’ve got a really high-level character.

The upper degree, the higher, as you want to have the ability to one-shot the mobs you’re farming to attain the very best outcomes.

Most gamers select to not go over degree 245, although, as they don’t need to be penalized by way of meso drop by being too many ranges above monsters – particularly the monsters in Arcana within the Arcane River.

Monsters of a better degree give extra mesos per drop, so when you’ve got a degree 180 Kanna and one other character degree 230 that’s funded, the extent 230 will most definitely outperform the Kanna regardless of not having Kishin, and many others.

If you’re critical about farming mesos and need to improve your major to tackle the hardest bosses within the recreation, we suggest you make a Kanna for meso farming.

Utilizing the battle evaluation instrument within the recreation is an effective way to verify and optimize your meso farming efforts.

With the battle evaluation instrument, you’ll be able to check out totally different meso farming setups, maps, and many others., till you discover the mixture that yields essentially the most mesos per hour for you.

Tips on how to get Mesos Obtained

As outlined within the earlier paragraph, rising your Mesos Obtained stat is crucial if you wish to maximize what number of mesos you’ll be able to farm per hour.

You will get passive +% Mesos Obtained boosts, which suggests they’re lively on a regular basis, from tools, the Legion Grid, and Interior Capacity.

From tools, you will get a most of +100% Mesos Obtained.

The kinds of tools that may give +% Mesos Obtained by way of their potential embrace Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Face equipment, and Eye equipment.

A few of the finest gadgets on this class that may give +% Mesos Obtained and are of excessive sufficient degree to provide most potential stats are Gollux Rings, Sweetwater Tattoo, and Sweetwater Glasses.

You can be utilizing this stuff for a really very long time within the recreation, if not ceaselessly, so you’ll be able to safely pour assets into these with out the fear of getting to interchange them quickly.

For the opposite kinds of tools, simply discover gadgets which might be over degree 71, as the utmost of +20% Mesos Obtained may be obtained on an merchandise’s potential.

If yow will discover gadgets which might be over degree 151, that’s, in fact, higher, as the remainder of the potential strains may be of upper values.

An merchandise must be of legendary rarity earlier than the +% Mesos Obtained line may be rolled on their potential.

As talked about, the cap of +% Mesos Obtained from tools is +100%, so don’t maintain cubing for extra on different gadgets if you have already got +100%.

The +% Mesos Obtained enhance can be obtained from the Legion System in Maplestory by putting the Phantom piece in your Legion Grid.

In case you aren’t conversant in the legion system, then take a look at our Complete Legion System Information.

The Phantom class provides + 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% Mesos Obtained as their impact bonus as ranks B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

We don’t suggest leveling a Phantom all the best way to degree 250 simply to get the SSS rank, however when you can handle, degree 200 for SS can be useful.

Interior means may give +20% Mesos Obtained from the primary line whether it is of Legendary rarity, +15% if it’s Distinctive, +10% if it’s Epic, and +5% if it’s Uncommon.

When simply beginning to enhance your Mesos Obtained, we suggest simply resetting your interior means till you get a +% Mesos Obtained line that’s no less than Epic.

In case you handle to roll a Distinctive or Legendary Mesos Obtained line earlier than an epic one, that’s nice, however you’ll most likely discover an Epic one earlier than that occurs.

The explanation why you don’t need to go for a Distinctive or Legendary Mesos Obtained line but is as a result of it may be very pricey by way of mesos that you must use to dice as a substitute.

In a while, when you might have plenty of mesos and may farm plenty of mesos shortly, begin going for the Legendary interior means Mesos Obtained line.

Your Mesos Obtained can be elevated by utilizing lively useable buffs.

The commonest buffs that enhance your Mesos Obtained are Legion Wealth Buffs, Wealth Acquisition Potions, and occasion buffs.

  • Legion Wealth Buffs enhance Mesos Obtained by 50% and may be bought with Legion Cash within the Legion Store.
  • Wealth Acquisition Factors enhance Mesos Obtained by 20% and may be crafted by way of the Alchemy occupation.
  • Occasion buffs that enhance Mesos Obtained are usually not included in each occasion, however they’ve been a few instances, together with the Rainbow Spectrum Buff that gave +100% Mesos Obtained. So you should definitely verify present occasions and their outlets.

Utilizing these buffs, you will get your whole Mesos Obtained price above the +125% you’ll be able to receive passively.

The whole most Mesos Obtained enhance you’ll be able to receive is capped at +300%, although.

Having further +% Drop Fee from tools and buffs will additional enhance your mesos earned per hour, as extra gadgets and equips you can promote will drop.

Bossing and Ursus

For gamers who haven’t performed Reboot for a very long time and haven’t constructed a Kanna for farming or have a high-level character with meso gear, bossing is an effective way to earn mesos.

There are tons of bosses you’ll be able to defeat each single day and a few each week, every of which is able to yield a good quantity of mesos.

From bosses, you’ll get each Intense Energy Crystals, tools, potions, and many others gadgets, and pure mesos.

If you’re a daily participant who can solo most every day bosses, you may make round 60-80m a day from them.

You may as well select to extract the tools you get from bosses and promote the and many others gadgets you get – thinker’s stones promote for lots.

Intense Energy Crystals need to be bought on the Collector positioned within the Free Market.

The remainder of the gadgets may be bought to any vendor within the recreation.

You’ll be able to, nonetheless, solely promote as much as 60 Intense Energy Crystals to the Collector each week, so when you farm all weekly and every day bosses all through a whole week, you’ll get extra Intense Energy Crystals than you’ll be able to promote.

Due to this fact, when you want to maximize the quantity of mesos you earn, you must prioritize promoting the Intense Energy Crystals that give essentially the most mesos.

Within the chart beneath, you’ll be able to see a whole overview of the bosses you’ll be able to farm in addition to how a lot their Intense Energy Crystal sells for.

Boss Intense Energy Crystal value Restrict
Laborious Black Mage 1,500,000,000 mesos Month-to-month
Laborious Hilla 331,350,000 mesos Weekly
Laborious Guard Captain Darknell 294,000,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Gloom 277,350,000 mesos Weekly
Laborious Will 264,600,000 mesos Weekly
Laborious Lucid 240,000,000 mesos Weekly
Laborious Lotus 222,337,500 mesos Weekly
Laborious Damien 210,937,500 mesos Weekly
Guard Captain Darknell 158,437,500 mesos Weekly
Gloom 148,837,500 mesos Weekly
Will 139,537,500 mesos Weekly
Lucid 121,837,500 mesos Weekly
Straightforward Lucid 105,337,500 mesos Weekly
Damien 101,400,000 mesos Weekly
Lotus 97,537,500 mesos Weekly
Akechi Mitsuhide 86,400,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Papulatus 79,350,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Vellum 63,037,500 mesos Weekly
Laborious Magnus 57,037,500 mesos Weekly
Chaos Zakum 48,600,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Pierre 48,600,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Von Bon 48,600,000 mesos Weekly
Princess No 48,600,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Crimson Queen 48,600,000 mesos Weekly
Cygnus 43,350,000 mesos Weekly
Chaos Pink Bean 38,400,000 mesos Weekly
Straightforward Cygnus 27,337,500 mesos Weekly
Papulatus 7,993,500 mesos Day by day
Laborious Ranmaru 7,993,500 mesos Day by day
Magnus 7,776,000 mesos Day by day
Arkarium 7,560,000 mesos Day by day
Laborious Von Leon 7,350,000 mesos Day by day
Von Leon 4,374,000 mesos Day by day
Pink Bean 4,213,500 mesos Day by day
Chaos Horntail 4,056,000 mesos Day by day
OMNI-CLN 3,750,000 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Arkarium 3,456,000 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Von Leon 3,174,000 mesos Day by day
Horntail 3,037,500 mesos Day by day
Pierre 2,904,000 mesos Day by day
Von Bon 2,904,000 mesos Day by day
Crimson Queen 2,904,000 mesos Day by day
Vellum 2,904,000 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Horntail 2,646,000 mesos Day by day
Ranmaru 2,521,500 mesos Day by day
Hilla 2,400,000 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Magnus 2,166,000 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Papulatus 2,053,500 mesos Day by day
Zakum 1,837,500 mesos Day by day
Straightforward Zakum 600,000 mesos Day by day

All weekly bosses, and naturally, Black Mage, the one month-to-month boss, have the Intense Energy Crystals that promote for essentially the most.

Due to this fact, you must promote the Intense Energy Crystal of each weekly boss you can defeat every week, after which promote the Intense Energy Crystal with the very best value of every day bosses you’ll be able to defeat.

Ursus, who’s technically additionally a boss, however not like those listed above, additionally presents an effective way to earn some mesos on the Reboot server.

Each single day, you’ll be able to problem Ursus thrice by deciding on Ursus the Mighty within the Dimensional Mirror.

Within the Ursus foyer, you’ll be able to simply select fast begin by way of Masarayu, which is able to queue you up for a celebration with as much as 17 different random gamers.

In opposition to Ursus, it’s good to deal as a lot injury as potential.

The extra injury you deal, the extra mesos you get as a reward.

Farming mobs as a Kanna

The one finest approach to farm mesos on Reboot in Maplestory is by farming mobs as a Kanna.

To realize the very best quantities of mesos per hour from farming mobs, it’s good to meet a few necessities.

Firstly, it’s good to be excessive degree. Stage 230+ is perfect, however no less than degree 200 is required as you need to farm within the Arcane River.

The most effective maps for farming are within the Arcane River, with the maps in Arcana yielding the very best outcomes for many gamers – the monsters listed below are round degree 234-240.

It doesn’t matter what degree you’re, it’s good to discover a map the place you’ll be able to one-shot mobs or no less than nearly immediately kill mobs.

The Kanna class is essentially the most broadly used for farming mobs as a result of they will earn essentially the most mesos per hour.

The reason is each their AoE, setup, and full-map assaults, in addition to their Kishin ability, which will increase the spawn price of monsters.

You may as well meso farm with different courses, however having a Kishin different like frenzy totem is sort of important if you wish to get near the charges of Kannas.

In addition to having a powerful character that may one-shot or nearly immediately kill monsters and Kishin or an alternate, it’s good to have plenty of +% Mesos Obtained, each from passive boosts and from lively buffs.

Many of the mesos you’ll earn from this methodology are pure meso drops, however you’ll additionally get a big half from merchandise drops, together with spell traces, tools, and different and many others gadgets you can promote.

This implies you can additional enhance the mesos you earn per hour by getting a better Drop Fee when you’ve got already acquired the very best Mesos Obtained you will get.

Having a strong soul just like the Lucid weapon soul will assist you enhance your mesos per hour additional, as you’ll be able to place it to take out monsters in a spot on the map the place it’s arduous to succeed in or useful to maintain out of your rotation.

You need to discover a setup and rotation on a map that allows you to take filter as many mobs as potential as quick as potential, and by having a powerful soul, and talents like Kanna’s Kishin and Yaksha, you’ll be able to cowl extra of the map.

Make sure to use the in-game battle evaluation instrument to measure what number of mesos you farm per hour.

You need to use this information to optimize your setup, discover new maps, and ultimately, get extra mesos per hour.

Various meso farming strategies

There are a few different methods to farm a good quantity of mesos on Reboot in Maplestory than those listed earlier on this information.

Maple Tour

Maple Tour is a system you’ll be able to entry by way of the Dimensional Mirror, the place you battle ranges of mobs.

You’ll be able to enter twice a day totally free and buy further entrances as much as a complete of seven every day entrances.

Doing runs in Maple Tour earns you mesos you can declare from Lulu Spinel.

The mesos you earn from a run are usually not given immediately however as a substitute saved as a wage for seven days.

After seven days, you’ll be able to acquire the complete quantity of mesos.

In case you select to assert it earlier than the seven days, you’ll solely obtain half the quantity, so you must all the time wait the seven days.

Maple Tour has been nerfed by Nexon, so it doesn’t give as many mesos because it used to, but it surely’s nonetheless an effective way to get additional mesos on Reboot, particularly when you don’t have a powerful meso farming character.

Silent Campaign cash

When bossing in Maplestory, you’ll shortly get a bunch of Crusader Cash.

Most bosses within the recreation drop them, and you’ll solely use them in a single place, the Silent Campaign store.

One of many issues you should buy within the Silent Campaign store is meso baggage that comprise a random quantity of mesos as much as 5m per bag.

You may as well full Silent Campaign quests to get extra Crusader Cash, but it surely’s not beneficial as a approach to earn mesos.

Spending your Crusader Cash on meso baggage is a pleasant approach to enhance the quantity of mesos you earn from bossing.

That’s every little thing it’s good to learn about farming mesos on the Reboot server in Maplestory!

You probably have any enter or recommendations for this information, then tell us within the remark part beneath.

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