Have You Performed… Tetris Impact?


Tetris. Everyone knows Tetris. All of us have emotions about Tetris, in some way. Tetris Impact is Tetris, however with plenty of flashy results and funky backgrounds and music designed that can assist you slip into that circulate state that means that you can carry out superhuman feats of organisation for a short while.

After all, the circulate state will get a little bit tousled once you unintentionally faucet left one too many occasions, and all of a sudden the expletives are coming as thick and quick because the tetrominoes.

After that time, there’s an fascinating dichotomy between the upbeat chillstep music and results, and the sheer panic that wells up inside you as you battle desperately to regain management of the board. Board? Is it a board, or a grid? These are the questions that slip into my thoughts whereas I am on a roll, and switch the run from an unmitigated success to a crushing defeat in a matter of seconds.

Should you like Tetris, there’s doubtless no injury that Tetris Impact can do to your mind that hasn’t already been accomplished a few years in the past. The expletive circulate state awaits.

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