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Domina is a sport about managing a steady of gladiators over the last days of Rome. It’s fairly nice, when you realise that profitable isn’t actually the purpose of it. Successful is potential, after all, however doing so is an uphill battle towards wild steadiness points, hellish RNG, and a inflexible method to permadeath. Actually, it’s significantly better (in my view), simply to get pleasure from it as an ultra-brutal, vaguely historic software program toy in regards to the horrendous cheapness of human life.

Critically, the mortality fee in Domina is nightmarish; it makes Darkest Dungeon appear like an actual gentle contact. It might be a very upsetting expertise, the truth is, if all of the viscera concerned wasn’t abstracted to cartoonish purple fountains by the sport’s artwork fashion.

It helps, as effectively, that Domina isn’t making an attempt to make any notably heavy historic factors. There are some neat touches of authenticity, however there’s little doubt that that is meant to be a larger-than-life, comedian e book model of historic Rome. Ghoastus, the bloodthirsty bastard, can not get sufficient of it.

However the place Domina actually shines, is in its soundtrack. No phrase of a lie; it’s fucking spectacular. The sport’s programmer additionally creates music underneath the identify Bignic, you see, and has crafted an array of towering bangers to accompany the sport’s ghastly enviornment fights. The tunes are pure, huge beat bombast, flavoured with occasional quasi-Roman esoterica, and I can not get sufficient of them. Purchase the soundtrack, if nothing else.

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