Future 2 Vault of Glass launch date and all the things we all know


In search of the Future 2 Vault of Glass launch date? Vault of Glass was the primary raid within the unique Future recreation, and gamers who’ve caught round because the very starting look again on it with nice affection.

In a developer weblog put up, Bungie introduced that the beloved raid shall be making a return to Future in Season 14, as one of many first items of outdated content material to return from the newly unveiled Future Content material Vault. Whereas many keep in mind the Vault of Glass raid as a big problem the primary time round again in D1, as gamers turned extra highly effective, they discovered that VoG wasn’t fairly as tough as they keep in mind. Vault of Glass did obtain just a few steadiness tweaks within the D1 Age of Triumph replace to deliver it updated, so we think about that the Future 2 model of Vault of Glass will obtain one other refresh to maintain it difficult for veteran gamers.

Whereas we anticipate that some changes shall be made, we’re nonetheless anticipating kind of the identical format, construction, and encounters that we performed via within the unique raid. We’ve put collectively a Vault of Glass walkthrough based mostly on its Age of Triumph model, and we’ll replace it after we discover out what adjustments have been made in Future 2.

Future 2 Vault of Glass launch date

The Future 2 Vault of Glass raid will arrive on Could 22 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST, as Bungie has now confirmed.

Future 2 Vault of Glass adjustments and new content material

So what new mechanics may we see within the new Future 2 Vault of Glass? In a livestream, recreation director Luke Smith mentioned that Champions may function within the new Future raid. It’s additionally confirmed that the subsequent season will introduce extra weapons with the brand new Stasis elemental harm sort, so we may even see enemies with Stasis shields or different Stasis interactions.

In an interview with Polygon, assistant recreation director Joe Blackburn addresses how the crew plan to refresh Vault of Glass for its second outing. He acknowledges that Future 2’s Guardians are far too highly effective for D1’s Vault of Glass, and that he desires the raid expertise to really feel as difficult because it felt again within the day, whereas nonetheless retaining its identification. The raid can even have variations of the identical iconic loot, up to date for Future 2.

The outdated methods from the unique Vault of Glass will nonetheless apply, although there could also be new, extra handy methods to do issues. Till we all know extra, right here’s our Vault of Glass walkthrough.

Guardians running through the Vault of Glass

Future 2 Vault of Glass walkthrough

Waking Ruins

To entry the Vault, gamers should activate three Vex plates exterior its entrance door, and hold them activated repeatedly for 5 minutes. This builds a spire in the course of the world, which unlocks the gate. If any of the plates change into deactivated, the spire will quickly disassemble.

As you in all probability know from the principle recreation, to activate a plate, you will need to stand inside it and hold it away from enemies. When you’ve captured the plate, Vex enemies spawn in waves and try to recapture it. Notably highly effective enemies known as Praetorians ought to be killed first, as in the event that they make it onto your plate, they are going to take it over rapidly.

As soon as the spire is constructed, the Vault of Glass opens. Head inside and observe the tunnels till you emerge on a shelf in an enormous cavern, overlooking a platform stuffed with pillars and a glowing mild in its centre. Leap down, and the Templar encounter begins.

Vault of Glass Templar Encounter

The Templar is the primary Raid boss you face. Within the first part of this encounter, you will need to defend three confluxes from waves of Vex who’re making an attempt to sacrifice themselves by throwing their our bodies into the conflux (very similar to the Spire Integration public occasion). If 4 Vex sacrifice themselves to anybody conflux, you’ll fail.

Within the unique Future, Fanatics may solely be discovered within the Vault of Glass, and the swimming pools they dropped when killed did extra than simply harm you. First, they have been inexperienced, however extra importantly they utilized the Mark of Negation debuff, as did the Fanatics themselves. Hold out of the swimming pools and don’t contact the Fanatics. Periodically, the Templar performs a Ritual of Negotiation, which immediately kills anybody with the mark.

For those who do get hit with a Mark of Negation, it is advisable to cleanse it as quickly as doable. This may be performed by coming into the pool of sunshine in the course of the world, in entrance of the Templar. Nonetheless, the pool will empty if used too many instances; it refills after the subsequent Ritual of Negotiation.

First, you will need to defend the center conflux. Enemies spawn in every of the three zones – left, center, and proper – and your crew ought to cut up as much as cowl every spawn level and cease them from advancing.

The conflux then disappears and a wave of Fanatics assaults. Following this, you will need to defend the left and proper confluxes. Cut up your crew in half to cowl either side. Within the subsequent stage, you will need to coordinate to defend all confluxes.

Instantly after this, the Oracles seem; seven vivid balls of golden mild that chime at completely different frequencies. There are seven waves of enemies to defeat, and Oracles seem periodically all through these waves. They don’t assault or transfer; nevertheless, as soon as they seem, they are going to mark each raid member with the Mark of Negation except you destroy them inside ten seconds.

Throughout this part, Hobgoblin snipers additionally spawn across the fringe of the battleground. It’s necessary to coordinate together with your crew with the intention to talk which Oracles have spawned, to make sure you take them down earlier than you obtain the Mark.

Upon getting defeated the Oracles, there’s a checkpoint and a break within the motion. The pool of sunshine is changed with a Relic defend known as The Aegis. Utilizing this Relic is vital to the remaining encounters.

Vault of Glass Relic

The Relic is current in three encounters: the second part of the Templar struggle, the Gatekeeper, and the ultimate battle with Atheon. The relic is a defend which grants its bearer new skills, however prevents them from utilizing their regular weapons and talents. These skills are:

  • Grenade:Cleanse – an AoE impact that removes the Mark of Negation and stops incoming harm
  • Melee:Sprint assault
  • Fireplace weapon:Defend Bash – within the air it turns right into a Floor Pound
  • Tremendous:Defend Blast – damages the primary goal it hits

The longer you maintain the Cleanse button, the longer the flexibility spends on cooldown. Cleaning is usually obligatory at quick discover, so it is advisable to be environment friendly with its use to maintain it prepared. If the Relic is dropped, you’ve gotten 5 seconds to select it up once more earlier than everyone seems to be killed by “Curse of the Aegis”.

Whenever you decide up the Relic, the encounter with the Templar begins. The Templar is surrounded in a white defend that stops it from being broken, besides by the Relic’s Tremendous means. As soon as the Relic wielder has charged the Tremendous and hit the Templar, the Templar’s defend goes down. You gained’t have the ability to assault instantly – when his defend breaks, bubbles will entrap just a few members of your crew, which it is advisable to shoot your means out of earlier than hitting the Templar. (If you end up in one among these bubbles, please don’t use rockets to interrupt it, as you’ll die.)

After a short while, the Templar teleports away to a brand new spot and regains its defend. This may be delayed barely – when you see the notification “the Templar is making an attempt to teleport”, a white ring seems within the room signifying the place the Templar is making ready to maneuver to. If somebody stands on this ring, the teleport shall be quickly delayed, however this spawns a wave of 4 Minotaurs.

All through this battle, Oracles will proceed to spawn and mark the entire crew if not destroyed promptly. Whereas annoying, that is fairly manageable because the Relic wielder can cleanse you at will, so it’s greatest to remain near them quite than fear about destroying the Oracles. The Templar will enrage if the struggle lasts longer than eight minutes, making it virtually unattainable to beat.

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Gorgons’ Labyrinth

Stand in entrance of the steps on the left aspect of the sector, and search for a crack within the wall to your proper. You’ll discover a chest inside (patrol-tier loot, sadly), after which a sequence of tunnels via which you’ll go away. Comply with them till you fall into an enormous chasm – make sure to save a leap cost earlier than touchdown so that you don’t perish from fall harm. The maze on this part is stuffed with Gorgons, glowing Harpies who slowly transfer via the labyrinth. Being noticed by a Gorgon means a raid wipe in the event you don’t destroy it in ten seconds. That is doable, however will take all of your firepower as they’re very robust. And when you destroy one, the others get stronger.

There are a few chests hidden within the Labyrinth. The primary is in a gap within the cliff behind you once you land, and the second is discovered by following the appropriate wall of the maze. To navigate safely via the maze, go left of the rock in entrance of you once you enter. Then flip left once more and cross the corridor, climb to the highest of the rock within the center and wait till the Gorgons in your proper transfer away. Then observe the wall in your proper aspect to the top of the labyrinth.

There’s a leaping puzzle at this level that, just like the Vex plates, debuted within the Vault of Glass however has since been reused many instances. The thought ought to be acquainted: it is advisable to cross a sequence of platforms that disappear and reappear periodically, then leap throughout to the slim ledge on the opposite aspect. You don’t have to make use of all of the platforms – after the primary few, it’s best to have the ability to use double or triple leap to launch your self all the best way throughout.


To problem Atheon, you will need to defeat three Gatekeepers; one every up to now, current, and future. The primary Gatekeeper is within the room once you enter. Kill the Hobgoblin snipers and different enemies first; when you defeat the Gatekeeper, the encounter strikes to the subsequent part.

You at the moment are in a position to open two portals within the room; the left portal (as you enter) results in the previous (although most gamers merely name it ‘Mars’ because it seems to be set on the crimson planet), and the appropriate portal results in the long run (aka, ‘Venus’). These portals are opened by standing on the corresponding sync plate. Whenever you start to seize a sync plate, Praetorians will spawn and try to re-capture it. Hold three Guardians again to defend the plate whereas three others head via the portal to kill the Gatekeeper. Defending the plate is essential; whether it is misplaced, a crimson Oracle spawns above the portal and can wipe the social gathering if not destroyed instantly.

As soon as the Gatekeeper in a portal is defeated, it drops a Relic. Moreover, everybody in both portal dimension receives a debuff known as ‘Marked by the Void’, which steadily clouds their imaginative and prescient over fifteen seconds till they will now not see, at which level they start to take harm and die. They should be cleansed by the Relic to take away this, so go away the portal as rapidly as doable and cleanse the crew.

Defeating a Gatekeeper additionally spawns a conflux again in the principle enviornment, to which Vex Minotaurs will try to sacrifice themselves. Like earlier than, if 4 Vex succeed, everybody dies. At this level, we suggest splitting your social gathering into three groups – one to defend the Conflux, one to seize and defend the opposite plate, and one to go into the ultimate portal to defeat the final Gatekeeper. This final crew ought to embody the Relic holder, to allow them to cleanse their comrade. The groups needn’t be the identical measurement; one expert participant can defend the Conflux solo.

The primary plate will inevitably change into overrun, so the Conflux defenders should make sure to defeat Oracles that seem above it. You may hold the Relic again to cleanse, however this time the portal crew will purchase the ‘Marked by the Void’ debuff as quickly as they enter, in order that they’ll both must be very fast to kill the Gatekeeper and get the second Relic or they need to take the primary Relic into the portal and the crew in the principle enviornment might want to destroy Oracles till they return. We advise the latter.

When you’ve defeated the third Gatekeeper and returned via the portal, everybody ought to consider defending the Conflux till the encounter ends.

Atheon, the final boss, in Destiny's Vault of Glass raid


That is the ultimate boss encounter within the raid. Early within the struggle, Atheon teleports three of your teammates – those furthest away from him – to both Mars or Venus. On Mars, you will need to struggle three Descendant Hobgoblins – the relic holder can kill them immediately, so don’t shoot them as this may activate their shields. On Venus, you will need to struggle two Precursor Goblins and a Praetorian.

In both case, the crew shall be Marked by the Void. You’ll spawn subsequent to a Relic, which one participant should take and use for normal cleaning; moreover, six crimson Oracles will spawn in sequence and should be dispatched with urgency – assign one member of this crew the job of killing Oracles solely.

Again within the enviornment, the remaining three Guardians ought to stack up on the plate that unlocks whichever portal the others have been despatched to (once more: left for Mars, proper for Venus). You’ll must defend it towards Supplicant harpies that explode after they get near you – stand on high of the pillars to mitigate this harm. The purpose right here is to outlive and hold the portal open so the away crew can return after they’ve cleared their room.

When the away crew has completed killing all of the enemies and Oracles of their room, everybody receives a ‘Time’s Vengeance’ buff that reduces your means cooldowns and means that you can deal bonus harm to Atheon for 30 seconds. That is, in different phrases, the harm part. The portal ought to be prepared for the away crew to make use of as quickly because the final enemy is down.

As soon as they’re safely again within the enviornment, it’s time to hit Atheon. It’s greatest to collect on the small platform on the centre of the sector because the Supplicants gained’t trouble you right here and also you’ve received a transparent shot on the boss. Drop your typical damage-boosting buffs and pile into Atheon. For those who’re the Relic holder, be aware that its Tremendous assault does a whole lot of harm, and the cleanse/defend operate can be utilized consistently for so long as Time’s Vengeance lasts, retaining you all protected.

As soon as Time’s Vengeance wears off, Atheon will teleport three teammates away once more. Merely repeat the cycle till Atheon is vanquished and you’re victorious.

Now you’re ready to tackle Vault of Glass – for the most recent on the transmog system, check out our Future 2 Armor Synthesis information.

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