Fortnite Kymera kinds – how one can unlock kinds utilizing Alien Artifacts


Have you ever had a have a look at all the Kymera kinds in Fortnite? Aliens have landed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, introducing the Kymera race of extraterrestrials to the battle royale sport. These invaders aren’t messing round – they’ve introduced a number of recent Fortnite alien weapons just like the Kymera Ray Gun to assist them take over the island.

Buying the battle go instantly unlocks the bottom Kymera outfit. Utilizing the brand new Fortnite alien artifacts, you should purchase new kinds to create your personal Kymera that appears not like anybody else’s alien. Sadly, alien artifacts aren’t the best factor to gather, so that you received’t have each model out there to you proper at first of the season.

We suggest spending your alien artifacts fastidiously – chances are you’ll need to select kinds that are extra visually distinctive, somewhat than one thing comparatively insignificant. The customisations which have the largest impression in your Kymera are pores and skin color, armour, and head kinds; eye color, nevertheless, is a minor change that you could be need to depart till later within the season. Right here’s all the pieces you’ll want to know in regards to the Kymera kinds in Fortnite.

Should you want a little bit of inspiration when creating your Kymera, merely spotlight over the ‘Customise Kymera’ button within the battle go menu to see randomly generated aliens. Epic claims there are over 800,000 completely different mixtures when mixing and matching each model – you’re certain to seek out one thing you want even with a restricted variety of kinds.

Kymera Head High Types

  • Inflexible – Included
  • Webbed – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Gazing – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Flowing – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Broad-Eyed – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Horned – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Conscious – 17x Alien Artifacts

The seven styles of Head (bottom) for Fortnite's Kymera alien skin

Kymera Head Backside Types

  • Clean – Included
  • Whisker – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Droopy – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Underbite – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Mandible – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Bristled – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Tentacular – 17x Alien Artifacts

The white eyes colour style on the Kymera alien in Fortnite

Kymera Head Eyes Types

  • Betelgeuse – Included
  • Nebula – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Rigel – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Photo voltaic Flare – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Sirius – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Black Gap – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Interstellar – 17x Alien Artifacts

The orange skin colour Kymera in Fortnite

Kymera Pores and skin Color Types

  • Lithium – Included
  • Sulphur – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Oxygen – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Carbon – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Helium – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Chlorine – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Nitrogen – 17x Alien Artifacts

Blue dots on top of the Kymera alien's head in Fortnite

Kymera Pores and skin Sample Types

  • None – Included
  • Battlelines – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Globular – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Sawtooth – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Rugged – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Resplendent – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Radiant – 17x Alien Artifacts

The orange colour armour on the Kymera alien in Fortnite

Kymera Armour Color Types

  • Lunar – Included
  • Terra – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Astral – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Celestial – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Redshift – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Ultraviolet – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Singularity – 17x Alien Artifacts

The orange armour glow of the Kymera alien in Fortnite

Kymera Armour Glow Types

  • Magenta – Included
  • 579 NM – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • 488 NM – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • 609 NM – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • 518 NM – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • 464 NM – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • 647 NM – 17x Alien Artifacts

An armour emblem on the armour of the Kymera alien in Fortnite

Kymera Armour Emblem Types

  • None – Included
  • Pulsar – 2x Alien Artifacts
  • Gemini – 3x Alien Artifacts
  • Astrolabe – 5x Alien Artifacts
  • Aurora – 7x Alien Artifacts
  • Zenith – 11x Alien Artifacts
  • Locker Banner – 17x Alien Artifacts

And that’s all the pieces you’ll want to know in regards to the Kymera kinds in Fortnite. Dressing up as a Kymera might make you appear to be an alien, however you’ll need to watch out because the UFOs in Fortnite will goal you should you get shut!

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