Crusader Kings 3 mods will quickly be capable to add in same-sex marriage


Final month’s huge ‘Corvus’ patch for grand technique recreation Crusader Kings III launched a number of free new options alongside the Northern Lords flavour pack, but it surely additionally had a stunning impact: mods that had allowed characters to take same-sex concubines stopped working. Paradox says this performance can be returning quickly, together with assist for same-sex marriage mods, in upcoming patches.

Within the newest developer diary, Paradox explains that same-sex concubinage was “unintentionally potential” to mod into the sport previous to the 1.3 patch, however that as a result of a few of Crusader Kings III’s underlying code, this might result in a “number of errors.” That led the staff to limit the performance in patch 1.3 whereas it labored out an answer.

“Since then, we’ve made adjustments to correctly assist same-sex concubinage, and it’ll come alongside different modding enhancements in 1.3.X,” the dev diary reads. “Additional, we plan to assist same-sex marriage for mods in 1.4. On account of bigger technical dangers surrounding it, it was not possible to incorporate that in 1.3.X; we’d like extra time to check it to make sure that this assist doesn’t introduce bugs within the vanilla recreation.”

The difficulty stems from how Crusader Kings III handles familial relationships, dynasties, and inheritance – all that stuff is core to the way it works, and if among the foundational recreation logic doesn’t account for the potential of same-sex unions, then it’s simple to see how issues might come up, notably with how the AI handles LGBT characters and their choices.

Thankfully, it sounds as if Paradox is busily working by way of these potentialities as we converse, and so mods will as soon as once more be capable to add same-sex marriages in as soon as the 1.4 patch arrives for Crusader Kings III.

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