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So, you wish to know extra about Kislev? With Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3 on the best way, it’s time to take a better take a look at the confirmed Warhammer 3 races. What will we find out about them to date? What can we guess from the reveal trailer and different supplies? And which particulars from their background within the Warhammer tabletop sport is perhaps related?

Now we have loads of materials on rugged Kislev – a grim, warlike nation, and a vital bulwark towards the forces of Chaos for the civilisations of the Previous World. Kislev obtained a mini military e book for tabletop Warhammer’s sixth version manner again in 2003 wherein a threadbare unit roster was spelled out, with many mentions in Warhammer lore.

A Kislevite military additionally starred within the Warhammer 3 announcement trailer wherein it was clear – as you’d count on by now from developer Inventive Meeting – that their depiction within the sport will align with or at the least be impressed by all this background. Earlier than we dig in, you too can try our Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3 Cathay information.

Grand Cathay – Warhammer’s analogue of China – will even seem in Warhammer 3, making this the primary full-scale realisation of this under-explored nation in a licensed Warhammer product.

Is Kislev in Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3?

Sure, Kislev is confirmed to be a launch race for Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3.

What will we find out about Kislev?

The Kingdom of Kislev borders the Empire to the south and Norsca to the north. To the east, throughout the northernmost tip of the World’s Edge Mountains, lie the Darkish Lands, which we’re guessing will comprise a big chunk of Warhammer 3’s map.

Thus Kislev is a geographic bulwark between the Previous World and the forces of Chaos – each time the latter wax robust sufficient to assault civilisation, they nearly at all times have to return by Kislev. The battle towards Chaos has thus outlined a lot of Kislev’s historical past and tradition, and the nation has been a steadfast ally to those that share on this battle, most notably the Empire. Mixed with the nation’s harsh and snowy local weather, this everlasting battle has made the Kislevites a grim and warlike folks.

In Total War: Warhammer 3, a Bloodthirster confronts Tsarina Katarin of Kislev as she prepares to cast an ice spell

Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3 Kislev Legendary Lords

A minimum of one in all Kislev’s Legendary Lords is all-but confirmed at this level: the star of the announcement trailer, Tzarina Katarin Bokha. She’s the present ruler of Kislev and probably the most highly effective practitioners of Ice Magic – her homeland’s distinctive, home-grown sorcery – to have ever lived, and we see her flexing her powers within the trailer. Anticipate Ice Magic to be a brand new lore of magic, and Katarin – already affectionately characterised by the neighborhood as ‘badass Elsa’ – to be its strongest wielder as a caster-style Legendary Lord.

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The letter Katarin reads within the trailer is addressed to “my youngster”, suggesting it’s from her father and predecessor as Tzar: Boris Bokha. Each Boris and Katarin obtained tabletop guidelines in that mini military e book, which in all probability makes him essentially the most distinguished Kislevite character within the sport after his daughter.

In tabletop lore, Boris is useless (therefore Katarin’s succession to the Kislevite throne), however CA has stretched the timeline earlier than – Repanse de Lyonesse is supposed to have lived roughly 500 years earlier than Louen Leoncouer’s reign of Bretonnia, as an example – so it’s not inconceivable that Boris may seem in Warhammer 3. He’s an enormous determine in Kislev’s historical past, having reunited the nation after the Nice Warfare towards Chaos and revived the worship of Kislev’s patron god, the Gear Bear Ursun. And as a warrior, he’d complement his magical daughter nicely as one other Legendary Lord choice. Plus he rides a polar bear into battle, which is simply too cool not to make.

Kislevite Winged Lancers charge at the enemy across a snowy field in Total War: Warhammer 3

Complete Warfare: Warhammer 3 Kislev models and armed forces roster

Between the 2003 military e book and the Warhammer 3 reveal trailer, we will make some fairly assured predictions about Kislev in Complete Warfare. Given what number of unit selections a totally fledged faction in Complete Warfare requires, we will additionally be sure that the ultimate sport could have many wholly new troop varieties.

Kislev lords and heroes

Ice Witches

Whereas Tzarina Katarin is named probably the most highly effective Ice Witches ever to dwell, she’s removed from the one one. Anticipate the opposite members of this historical sisterhood to supply Kislev its principal caster choice at generic lord and/or hero stage, wielding a brand new lore of Ice Magic within the nation’s defence.

Boyars, Atamans, and Druzhinas

Naturally, Kislev will even want a generic fight lord and/or hero. We’re betting one in all these might be some type of Boyar, a middling rank in Kislev’s the Aristocracy whose members personal numerous its land and lead its armies. Boyars are a unit sort within the 2003 military e book and are talked about within the Realm of the Ice Queen supply e book for the Warhammer Fantasy RPG. Lesser ranks of noble embrace Atamans and, on the lowest rung, Druzhinas. Although these are political stations, they typically include navy obligations, so maybe they’ll be fight heroes to the Boyars’ lords. We’re guessing the lavishly armoured man at 1:24 within the reveal trailer is one in all these.

Tsarina Katarin of Kislev marches behind a column of Kislevite Kossars in Total War: Warhammer 3, while a Boyar inspects the troops

Kislev troops


The Warhammer 3 reveal trailer reveals a column of generic troopers trooping off to battle, and we’re confidently guessing these are the Kossars, named because the foot troopers of Kislev within the 2003 military e book. In that e book they will wield each bows and axes, and certainly a few of them are kitted out in precisely this fashion within the reveal trailer.

As Complete Warfare factions want core troops on a number of high quality tiers, there’s probability Kossars will include a number of permutations to replicate variations in coaching or gear, at the least one in all which appears more likely to embrace Seaguard-style hybrid infantry.

Ungol horse archers

The dominion of Kislev was first conquered and settled by the Gospodars, one in all many nomadic, tribal clans who fought for place on the Jap Steppes. When the Gospodars got here to historical Kislev, they discovered it inhabited by one other tribe named the Ungols, whom they subjugated.

Although they’re a little bit of an underclass, the Ungols nonetheless exist in fashionable Kislev, and even serve in its navy, persevering with to practise their conventional strategies of warfare. Ungol horse archers are the obvious instance of this, and are listed as a troop sort within the 2003 e book. A famously expert gentle cavalry wielding scimitars, spears, and bows, they’re a certain guess to look in Warhammer 3. We’re guessing they gained’t be the one Ungol troop sort both, as CA might want to flesh out Kislev’s roster with some new concepts. I’d guess hybrid ranged/fight characters for the generic heroes and lords, at the least.


Talked about within the Warhammer Fantasy RPG supply books, the Streltsi are an elite department of Kossars hailing from town of Erengrad, who wield halberds and gunpowder rifles. Kislev is a poor nation and so isn’t in a position to discipline as many gunpowder weapons because the Empire, so – at the least within the lore – the Streltsi are however a single regiment.

I might guess CA will stretch this to provide Kislev an elite ranged choice, but when not, they could seem as a Regiment of Renown.

Bokha Palace Guard, aka Kreml Guard

One other merchandise from the Warhammer Fantasy RPG, these are one other contingent of elite Kossars charged with guarding the Tzarina’s palace within the metropolis of Kislev itself. Wielding two-handed greataxes known as berdiches and receiving the perfect armour and coaching, count on these guys to be a high-tier elite infantry.

The Palace Guard are additionally a recruitment pool for the Tzarina’s secret police, the chekist. Although they’re given to espionage greater than the rest, there’s a slim probability chekists may very well be a distinct segment hero choice.

A regal women with an ice crown and ice sword steps out of a tent, from the Warhammer 3 trailer

Ice Guard

In November 2019 I misplaced completely all of my marbles for a brief, traumatic spell after Video games Workshop confirmed that it will relaunch Warhammer Fantasy – which it blew up and changed with Age of Sigmar, however upon which Complete Warfare: Warhammer is predicated – as Warhammer: The Previous World.

4 months later, it confirmed that the Previous World would discover Kislev somewhat greater than earlier editions, and teased a model new unit: the Ice Guard. That’s who you’ll be able to see at 0:34 within the reveal trailer. Video games Workshop says they’re an elite formation of warrior girls, equally expert with bow and blade, and in a position to wield Ice Magic. Anticipate the Ice Guard to be a high-tier hybrid caster unit.

Winged Lancers and the Gryphon Legion

An iconic Kislevite unit clearly impressed by Poland’s much more iconic Winged Hussars, you’ll be able to see the Winged Lancers charging into battle within the Warhammer 3 reveal trailer. Largely composed of the Boyars’ sons, they’re Kislev’s knights – a gaggle of well-fed, well-trained, well-equipped heavy cavalry. In line with the Warhammer Fantasy RPG books, their feathered banners make a howl when charging into battle.

Winged Lancers are within the 2003 military e book, which additionally mentions the Gryphon Legion as an elite regiment thereof. They might thus seem as an much more elite model of the Lancers or as a Regiment of Renown, however they could even have their very own mechanics: they’re meant to be a semi-independent navy order who function mercenaries world wide. Complete Warhammer may use some mercenary mechanics, with famed troopers of fortune resembling ogres certainly on their manner.

A pair of Kislevite bear cavalrymen roar as they charge into battle in Total War: Warhammer 3

Bear cavalry and educated bears

As you’ll have guessed from the paragraphs on Tzar Boris, Kislev likes bears. They’re sacred, and stored in pits within the kingdom’s temples. Boris himself rode a polar bear into battle, as do some Boyars, and whereas bear cavalry really wasn’t listed within the 2003 e book, that in all probability had extra to do with ‘monstrous’ cavalry not being a factor within the sport’s sixth version or with the expense concerned in creating such an formidable miniature.

However it’s sure they’ll be in Complete Warfare – the reveal trailer clearly reveals Winged Lancers mounted on some amazing-looking, roaring polar bears, and there’s lots within the lore to assist mobs of educated bears being poked into battle by animal handlers, too. Anticipate bear cavalry to be Kislev’s reply to the Empire’s demigryphs, and for bears to be a mount choice for Kislevite lords. Can’t wait.

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That’s all we find out about to date – we’ll replace this information if something official comes alongside. Till then, benefit from the hypothesis!

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