Civ 6 tier listing – a information to the perfect civ 6 leaders for multiplayer


Civilization 6 is a superb 4X sport that can provide you numerous hours of enjoyable, even taking part in it solo towards the AI, and the varied Civ 6 leaders assist make it a persistently various expertise. If you happen to’re fortunate sufficient to have mates who additionally like taking part in the sport and who can decide to common play classes, then this turn-based technique epic turns into actually transformative.

‘Aggressive’ Civ isn’t actually a factor in the identical approach it’s in mainstream esports, however there’s a sure goal fact to each civilisation and chief. Some are good, some are unhealthy, many are situational. We’ve already received a wonderful listing of the greatest Civ 6 civilisations throughout the varied victory sorts, in addition to a information to all the totally different agendas in Civ 6 when taking part in towards the AI.

For this newest information, we’ve taken a take a look at the varied chief choices by means of the lens of multiplayer. Credit score to reddit customers Riparian_Drengal, Kirbylover314, and Flyingpengguins, we’ve used their very own glorious multiplayer tier information as a foundation for our personal rankings. There’s additionally this information from consumer Lpexlaheavy, so there’s loads of different idea crafting on the market if you wish to go take a look. Moreover, due to boesthius and peppermint_butler, whose post-April 2021 stability patch tier lists offered further insights.

Civ 6 Tier Record

These are the perfect Civilization 6 leaders for multiplayer:

  • Hojo Tokimune (Japan)
  • Cyrus (Persia)
  • Frederick Barbarossa (Germany)
  • John Curtin (Australia)
  • Peter (Russia)
  • Seondeok (Korea)
  • Trajan (Rome)
  • Simón Bolívar (Gran Colombia)
  • Girl Six Sky (Maya)

Please word that we’re assuming you’ve the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, in addition to all the leaders launched with the New Frontier Cross.

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Due to this fact, this listing displays the state of the whole sport as of the April 2021 stability patch, which included adjustments to greater than half of the civs. Additionally, whereas mods are frequent in aggressive Civ 6, our tier listing displays solely the in-game variations of those civs and leaders.

Civ 6 tier listing – S tier

These are the perfect of the perfect, the cream of the crop, the elves on the cabinets… for the explanations we lay out under, the next Civs signify the perfect by way of how they fare in aggressive multiplayer. These S-tier civs have the higher hand in multiplayer video games as a result of they’re versatile and able to successful with out sturdy deference to begin circumstances or outright luck.

Hojo Tokimune (Japan)

Hojo is a wonderful generalist civ who can flex into a number of victory sorts both by means of his personal capability, Divine Wind. This capability offers +5 fight power to items when preventing on coast and permits the civ to construct encampments, theater squares and holy websites in half the time, giving gamers an enormous head begin over opponents.. For multiplayer, issues just like the Japanese Samurai are much less spectacular regardless of its innate capability, as you may’t ‘pre-build’ them as early-game items.

The actual power right here lies within the enhanced adjacency bonuses and how one can tailor your civ in direction of no matter victory kind you select. The hurricane buffs are primarily for bants.

Cyrus (Persia)

Cyrus is effectively suited to a cultural victory because of the bonuses Persia will get from inner commerce routes and their distinctive tile enchancment, however the chief himself can be fairly formidable in fight. Whereas he has no innate buffs to fight power, the motion bonuses from declaring a shock warfare can show decisive in securing an early lead.

Plus, he doesn’t generate as a lot grievance from shock wars, and doesn’t endure the identical yield and loyalty penalties referring to occupied cities offered he retains them garrisoned.

Frederick Barbarossa (Germany)

Germany’s Free Imperial Cities civilization capability makes Barbarossa a flexible multiplayer civ. The power permits Germany to construct one further district per metropolis past the sport’s regular district inhabitants limits, which implies sturdy planners can rapidly construct up their cities within the early sport with districts that present religion, science, tradition, gold or manufacturing. Moreover, Germany’s hansa, which replaces the sport’s industrial zone district, supplies hefty manufacturing bonuses and requires half as a lot manufacturing to construct.

As a result of Barbarossa receives an additional navy coverage slot together with his chosen authorities kind and +7 fight power towards city-states, this civ can forcefully seize city-states within the early sport as an alternative of losing worthwhile manufacturing time on settlers. Taken collectively, these attributes render him an S-tier civ.

John Curtin (Australia)

Curtis’ chief capability makes Australia a robust defensive civ, permitting you to create extra navy items rapidly ought to you end up caught unawares. You too can set off the identical manufacturing enhance when you occur to liberate a metropolis as effectively, which means offensive wars carry incentives offered you decide the suitable goal.

Australia’s principal strengths lie on the coast, which may make them barely situational relying on the map, however they’ll simply increase metropolis borders by way of pasture tradition bombs. The yield bonuses to particular districts are additionally nothing to smell at, however you’ll must ensure you handle your enchantment rankings.

Peter (Russia)

Peter is a helpful chief in multiplayer as a result of he can nonetheless profit even when your rivals pull forward, offered he can increase his commerce community to the suitable opponents. The talents gained from the civ facet of issues means that you could management massive swathes of land fairly rapidly as a result of he will get free bonus tiles with every metropolis he settles. Although the sport’s April 2021 stability replace introduced the variety of additional free tiles down to five (previous to the patch, it was 8), he stays extraordinarily highly effective as a consequence of his capability to assert land and construct sturdy cities, even when pressured to choose tundra.

Typically, you’re going to be going for a cultural or non secular victory, however do not forget that simply because you may profit from being behind different civs, doesn’t imply it’s best to. Peter’s is a long-game, and finally you’re going to need to pull forward and snowball.

Seondeok (Korea)

As one of many few leaders and civs geared particularly in direction of science, your path to victory is evident if taking part in as Seondeok. Her chief capability immediately compliments and feeds into the Korean civ’s talents, and she or he even offers a lift to tradition in case you needed to flex into that victory kind as an alternative. Though Korea’s distinctive science districts, referred to as seowons, have to be constructed on hills, her Tier 3 begin bias towards hills ensures gamers have a reasonably sturdy likelihood of spawning close to such terrain.

Enjoying as Seondeok shall be a really passive sport, and word you’ll must defend your self as opposing gamers attempt to take you out rapidly to forestall your science benefit snowballing an excessive amount of. That mentioned, offered you preserve your scientific benefit, it’s best to have the ability to fend them off with ease.

Trajan (Rome)

Trajan is one other generalist chief, main a reasonably generalist civilization that may sort out any victory kind they select. The distinctive Roman Legion unit offers you an early navy edge, in addition to the head-start you’ve by way of free city-centre buildings.

Typically, you’ll need to get your first cities down as early as potential and if the chance presents itself rush somebody along with your legions to take them out rapidly.

Simón Bolívar (Gran Columbia)

Launched within the New Frontier Cross, Bolívar’s is kind of sturdy in multiplayer, particularly for domination wins. As Bolivar, every new period offers you entry to a singular nice individual that acts like a Nice Basic, however with some key variations.

One of many benefits right here although is that the Comandante Basic and Nice Basic can stack their bonuses collectively. Gran Colombia additionally supplies motion buffs to items, and their distinctive unit can be fairly highly effective when it turns up. If it is advisable, you may as well acquire an edge within the non secular sport as effectively.

Girl Six Sky (Maya)

One other New Frontier Cross civ, Girl Six Sky promotes a decent empire that makes an attempt to construct tall with yield buffs offered cities are near the capital metropolis. And, with the April 2021 stability patch, these cities get a free builder so long as they’re inside six tiles of the capital. Focused growth for key strategic sources could also be wanted, however typically you’ll be forming a bubble round your capital, and staying there.

The Mayan distinctive district supplies plenty of science, so a scientific win with you turtling up is the principle technique to go. Girl Six Sky additionally supplies a fight power enhance when preventing near the capital, so it’s best to have the ability to fend off anybody who tries to take you on.

Civ 6 tier listing – A tier

If you happen to can’t, or gained’t, go along with the above, these leaders are additionally fairly good. Pachacuti of the Incas is ready to make glorious use of the protect district for disgusting tile yields, whereas a heavy buff to Jayavarman VII of the Khmer renders him capable of construct high-population cities with extraordinarily excessive religion outputs.

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The entire different leaders on this tier even have sturdy talents, and may nonetheless compete with the S-tier picks given cautious planning.

  • Gilgamesh (Sumerian)
  • Qin Shi Huang (China)
  • Gitarja (Indonesia)
  • Kupe (Maori)
  • Mansa Musa (Mali)
  • Menelik II (Ethiopia)
  • Pericles (Greece)
  • Wilhelmina (Netherlands)
  • Pachacuti (Inca)
  • Saladin (Arabia)
  • Montezuma (Aztec)
  • Alexander (Macedon)
  • Matthias Corvinus (Hungary)
  • Amanitore (Nubia)
  • Basil II (Byzantium)
  • Catherine de Medici (Magnificence) (France)
  • Jayavarman VII (Khmer)
  • Philip II (Spain)

Civ 6 tier listing – B tier

The leaders on this tier are all wonderful, reliable selections to take into Multiplayer. A few of their talents are sturdy, like Victoria, however solely actually kick in throughout a sure age quite than being reliable all through. Shaka is powerful within the early sport, however rapidly loses floor in later ages. Nonetheless, some stable selections right here:

  • Catherine de Medici (Black Queen)
  • Cleopatra (Egypt)
  • Shaka (Zulu)
  • Suleiman (Ottomans)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (Tough Rider) (America)
  • Victoria (England)
  • Hammurabi (Babylon)
  • Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose) (America)
  • Pedro II (Brazil)

Civ 6 tier listing – C tier

These leaders are nearly viable, however in all probability gained’t truly win you the sport until your opponents are taking part in very, very badly. Or have leaders from the following tier down, maybe:

  • Genghis Khan (Mongol)
  • Jadwiga (Poland)
  • Kristina (Swedish)
  • Poundmaker (Cree)
  • Robert the Bruce (Scotland)
  • Ba Trieu (Vietnam)
  • Kublai Khan (Mongol, China)
  • Gorgo (Greece)
  • Ambiorix (Gaul)
  • João III (Portugal)
  • Lautaro (Mapuche)
  • Wilfrid Laurier (Canada)

phillip II of spain looking happy

Civ 6 tier listing – D tier

We don’t know what you’re doing selecting any of those leaders, however meme strats are all the time amusing. Listed below are the civs we expect belong within the trash tier:

  • Chandragupta (India)
  • Dido (Phoenicia)
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine (England, France)
  • Gandhi (India)
  • Harald Hardrada (Norway)
  • Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo)
  • Tamar (Georgia)
  • Tomyris (Scythia)

There you go, our 100%* correct Civ 6 multiplayer tier listing. We’ll keep watch over new developments as they seem, and naturally we could fiddle with the listing relying on how loudly you all shout at us.

* Give or take 90%. If it is advisable toss something at somebody, this text was developed by Joe Robinson, Jen Rothery, and Whitney Meers.

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