All Star Tower Protection (Roblox) – Character Information: Record, How To Get & Improve


How robust you’re in All Star Tower Protection relies upon fully on what characters you might have and the way a lot you’ve upgraded.

Whereas in battle, a strategic aspect additionally comes into play, which suggests some folks will do higher than others with the identical set of characters.

Nonetheless, it’s unattainable to beat some ranges in story mode and attain sure waves in infinite mode in case your staff is just too weak.

On this information, we offer you all the knowledge it’s essential learn about characters in All Star Tower Protection in Roblox, together with tips on how to get them, tips on how to evolve characters, tips on how to improve them, in addition to a listing of all characters within the recreation.

You should definitely take a look at our All Star Tower Protection codes record for all lively codes, as claiming them will allow you to get extra characters.

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get characters

The principle method to get characters in All Star Tower Protection is by summoning.

You’ll be able to summon characters by clicking the Summon button on the left aspect of the display screen within the recreation.

This can take you to the summoning window, the place you possibly can roll for the characters at present displayed on the display screen.

There are two sorts of summons – Gem Summon and Gold Summon.

As their names counsel, the Gem Summon prices Gems, and the Gold Summon prices Gold.

Study tips on how to get extra gems in All Star Tower Protection right here.

Inside each of the summon varieties, you possibly can both summon one character or ten characters at a time.

Listed below are the prices of the 2 sorts of summons.

Gem Summon

  • 1 Character summon = 50 Gems (50 Gems per character)
  • 10 Characters summon = 450 Gems (45 Gems per character)

Gold Summon

  • 1 Character summon = 150 Gold (150 Gold per character)
  • 10 Characters summon = 1,100 Gold (110 Gold per character)

The choice of characters you possibly can roll in each Gem Summon and Gold Summon reset each hour.

You’ll be able to see what characters are the perfect to roll for in our All Star Tower Protection tier record.

Moreover, you possibly can see the prospect of rolling every character that’s at present within the pool, with higher-rarity characters having a smaller likelihood of being rolled, generally.

The second method to get characters in All Star Tower Protection is by finishing ranges and trials.

Each stage within the story mode has an opportunity to offer totally different characters as a reward.

The characters you could get from a selected stage within the story mode is determined by the chapter the extent is in.

Right here is an summary of what characters you possibly can within the ranges in every chapter of the story mode.

Chapter Character Chance
Newbie Saga Alien Soldier I 60%
Alien Soldier II 30%
Alien Soldier III 10%
Hidden Village Sound Ninja I 60%
Sound Ninja II 30%
Sound Ninja III 10%
Desert Island Pirate Agent I 40%
Pirate Agent II 20%
Pirate Agent III 20%
Pirate Agent IV 15%
Pirate Agent V 5%
Hero Dome Nomu I 40%
Nomu II 25%
Nomu III 25%
Nomu IV 10%
Inside World Arrancur I 40%
Arrancur II 25%
Arrancur III 25%
Arrancur IV 5%
Arrancur V 5%
Vampire Hideout Vampire I 40%
Vampire II 30%
Vampire III 25%
Vampire IV 5%
Outer Wall Large I 40%
Large II 30%
Large III 20%
Large IV 5%
Large V 5%
Ant Kingdom Bug Soldier I 40%
Bug Soldier II 30%
Bug Soldier III 20%
Bug Soldier IV 5%
Bug Soldier V 5%
Village Demon I 40%
Demon II 30%
Demon III 20%
Demon IV 5%
Demon V 5%
Snowy Village Fiend I 40%
Fiend II 30%
Fiend III 20%
Fiend IV 5%
Fiend V 5%
Magic City Mage I 40%
Mage II 30%
Mage III 20%
Mage IV 5%
Mage V 5%
Cranium Island Wizard I 40%
Wizard II 30%
Wizard III 20%
Wizard IV 5%
Wizard V 5%
Psychic Metropolis Esper I 40%
Esper II 30%
Esper III 20%
Esper IV 5%
Esper V 5%
Magic Metropolis Cultist I 40%
Cultist II 30%
Cultist III 20%
Cultist IV 5%
Cultist V 5%
Secret Lab Homunculus I 40%
Homunculus II 30%
Homunculus III 20%
Homunculus IV 5%
Homunculus V 5%

Most of those characters is not going to substitute those in your present staff however be used as fodder as a substitute.

There are a few trials within the recreation, and these give wonderful characters.

Right here you possibly can see what characters you get from every trial.

  • Trial 1 = Want
  • Trial 2 = Yoshaga Kiryu
  • Tiral 3 = MrFlimFlam

You are able to do the three trials at ranges 25, 35, and 45.

MrFlimFlam is a really highly effective character within the recreation, so in the event you’re near having the ability to do trial 3, we suggest you attempt to beat it, because the character may help you progress additional afterward.

improve characters

In All Star Tower Protection, you possibly can improve your characters each in-battle and outdoors of battle.

If you improve your character outdoors of battle, that improve, often called stage up, might be completely stored for that character.

If you improve a personality in battle, with the cash that you simply earn in that battle, they solely stay upgraded all through the remainder of that battle.

To achieve success and hold progressing within the recreation, it’s essential your characters each in battle and outdoors of battle.

To stage up a personality, click on the Stock button on the left aspect of the display screen.

This can convey up a window displaying all of your characters.

Choose the character you want to improve.

Within the info window that seems of that character, click on ‘Feed’.

You’ll now see the feeding window for that character, the place it shows the chosen character’s stats and stage.

Click on the characters in your character stock that you simply want to use as fodder for the chosen character.

When you choose characters as fodder, you possibly can see the influence it’ll have on the chosen character’s EXP, stage and stats in the event you have been to feed the chosen character.

NOTE! – If you use a personality as fodder, that character is sacrificed, which suggests you lose it. So don’t use a personality you want or don’t wish to lose as fodder!

When you’re comfortable along with your choice of fodder, click on ‘FEED’, and the character you’re feeding might be upgraded based on the stats, stage, and EXP you may see beforehand.

That’s it! You have got now leveled up your character.

The utmost stage of characters is 80.

To improve characters in battles, click on a personality you’ve already positioned on the battlefield.

This can convey up the window for the character on the left aspect.

Right here you possibly can see its stats, title, and present improve rank.

Click on the ‘Improve’ button on the left aspect to improve the chosen character.

Earlier than you possibly can improve it, it’s essential find the money for – you possibly can see how a lot it prices to improve the chosen character on the improve button.

evolve characters

Some characters in All Star Tower Protection may be developed.

If you evolve a personality, it turns right into a stronger model of the identical character however is seen as a brand new, separate character.

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You’ll be able to see whether or not or not a personality you might have may be developed by deciding on it in your character stock.

Click on the Stock button on the left aspect to open your character stock.

If a personality has the evolve button on its data web page in white textual content, it implies that it may be developed.

Characters whose evolve button is in pink textual content can’t be developed.

Evolving a personality prices copies of the identical character and typically copies of different characters as properly.

You’ll be able to see what character copies it’s essential improve a personality by clicking Evolve on its data web page after which checking the characters within the backside menu.

All Star Tower Defense Evolve Character

Here’s a full overview of all heroes within the recreation that may evolve.

Most of the characters you could evolve characters into may also be obtained instantly because the developed model.

Nonetheless, some extraordinarily highly effective characters within the recreation, together with Black Stache (Timeskip), may also be obtained by evolving the earlier evolution, on this case, Blackstache.

Here’s a record of the characters that may be developed within the recreation:

  • Alien Soldier I-II
  • Sound Ninja I-II
  • Pirate Agent I-IV
  • Nomu I-III
  • Arrancur I-IV
  • Vampire I-III
  • Large I-IV
  • Bug Soldier I-IV
  • Demon I-IV
  • Fiend I-IV
  • Mage I-IV
  • Wizard I-IV
  • Esper I-IV
  • Cultist I-IV
  • Homunculus I-IV
  • EXP
  • Zaruto
  • Wrathdioas
  • Veku
  • KokuRuffy
  • NineNine
  • CaptainLami
  • Kosuke
  • Koro
  • Zio Brundo
  • Zaruo (Sage)
  • Zazashi
  • Veku (Kick Model)
  • Vegu
  • Tremendous Koku
  • Supreme-Chief
  • Ruffy TS
  • Pang (Human)
  • Broul
  • Lami TS
  • Kosuke (Rogue)
  • Koku Black
  • Killer
  • Hirito GGO
  • Masked Captain
  • Gen
  • Zukia
  • Supreme-Chief (Remaining Kind)
  • Whitestache
  • Pang
  • Mikato
  • Blackstache

The record above solely lists the characters that may be developed, which implies that the ultimate evolution of characters just isn’t listed.

use characters

In case you are a brand new participant, you could be confused as to how you need to use a personality you’ve obtained.

To make use of a personality in All Star Tower Protection, it’s important to equip it.

You’ll be able to equip a personality by clicking the Stock button on the left aspect of the display screen, deciding on the character you want to use, after which clicking ‘Equip’ on its data window.

When you have already used up all of your character slots in your staff, choose a personality you’ve outfitted, and click on ‘Unequip’.

The character might be eliminated out of your staff, and now you can equip the character you wished to make use of.

You’ll be able to see the precise copies you might have outfitted in your staff by the pink ‘E.’ on the icon of the character in Stock.

The characters you might have outfitted in your staff seem on the backside of the display screen, each within the foyer and in battles.

To construct a personality in battle, press it, drag it to a location the place its indicator is inexperienced, and click on.

You’ll be able to solely construct a personality when you have sufficient cash and also you haven’t constructed too a lot of them already – characters have a restrict of how most of the similar character you possibly can construct.

Floor characters can solely be constructed on the bottom, whereas air characters can solely be constructed on the hills.

All characters record

There are tons of characters in All Star Tower Protection, every with a singular set of expertise.

Here’s a full overview of all characters within the recreation, their star ranking, sort, deployment value, and improve ranks.

Character Kind Stars Value Upgrades
Golden Supreme-Chief Air 6 500 7
Black Stache (Timeskip) Floor 6 600 6
Membership Beast Floor 6 750 2
Mikato (Beast Cloak) Floor 6 500 4
Whitestache (Remaining) Floor 6 650 5
Zukia (B) Floor 6 750 6
The Path Floor + Air 6 500 6
Ikki (BW) Air 5 500 4
Koku Black Pink Air 5 450 4
Kovegu Air 5 2500 3
Legendary Borul Air 5 500 4
Fortunate Inexperienced Air 5 495 6
MrFlimFlam Air 5 2650 3
Spade Air 5 450 4
Supreme-Chief (Remaining Kind) Air 5 500 4
Troy Honda Air 5 700 3
Extremely Koku Air 5 500 4
Want Air 5 500 1
Zorro Air 5 4250 3
Airren Floor 5 500 4
All Highly effective Floor 5 650 4
Blackstache Floor 5 450 4
Crazwind Floor 5 450 5
Duhrai Floor 5 525 6
Falcon Floor 5 400 3
Flaming Tiger Floor 5 650 5
Gen (Grown) Floor 5 450 9
Genie Floor 5 500 6
Ginbei Floor 5 450 3
“God” Captain Floor 5 600 6
Hammer Large Floor 5 500 2
Hirito Floor 5 450 4
Humble Swordman Floor 5 400 4
Jokato Koju Floor 5 500 3
Killer (Lightspeed) Floor 5 450 4
Kosuke (Everlasting) Floor 5 450 5
Kura Floor 5 20000 1
Lami (Wuno) Floor 5 450 4
Mikato Floor 5 450 3
Ming Floor 5 700 2
Mysterious X Floor 5 720 5
Onwin Floor 5 500 2
Pang Floor 5 550 4
Patternine Floor 5 700 5
Plant Man Floor 5 425 4
Purple Eye Warrior Floor 5 650 5
Renitsu Floor 5 400 6
Ruffy (4th Kind) Floor 5 1000 4
Stampede (100%) Floor 5 450 6
Tremendous Boo Floor 5 400 6
Tatsu (Half) Floor 5 500 4
Tony Stark Floor 5 450 5
Vegu (Thoughts) Floor 5 450 4
Veku (Infinite Energy) Floor 5 475 4
Whitestache Floor 5 450 3
Yoshaga Kiryu Floor 5 500 4
Zaruto (Beast Cloak) Floor 5 450 4
Zazashi (Final) Floor 5 395 3
ZIO Floor 5 500 4
Zukia Floor 5 500 3
Zyaya Floor 5 555 6
Blinding Lights Floor + Air 5 450 5
Borul Air 4 455 4
Grizsloth Air 4 450 3
Jenos Air 4 450 3
Koku Black Air 4 375 3
Masked Captain Air 4 450 4
Pang (Demon) Air 4 375 3
Tremendous Koku Air 4 450 4
Supreme-Chief Air 4 450 4
Taara Air 4 450 3
Alligator Floor 4 500 3
Bellma (Cash Corp) Floor 4 300 4
Gash Floor 4 425 2
Gen Floor 4 450 4
Haneki Floor 4 4250 3
Hirito GGO Floor 4 450 4
Inoyaza Floor 4 320 4
Janji TS Floor 4 500 3
Jusuke Floor 4 400 2
Killer Floor 4 425 3
Koro TS Floor 4 350 3
Kosuke (Rogue) Floor 4 325 3
Lami TS Floor 4 325 4
Lemari Floor 4 330 3
Lex Floor 4 450 4
Maskice Floor 4 375 3
Mina Floor 4 450 2
Nezichi Floor 4 900 3
Ninenine TS Floor 4 325 3
Organs Floor 4 450 4
Pang (Human) Floor 4 375 3
Rhikamaru Floor 4 550 3
Rodoroki Floor 4 375 2
Ruffy TS Floor 4 350 3
Shirtless Magician Floor 4 375 3
Snakeomaru Floor 4 450 2
Stampede Floor 4 300 4
Tatsu Floor 4 450 3
Togi Floor 4 375 3
Vegu Floor 4 425 4
Veku (Kick Model) Floor 4 350 4
Wrathdioas (?) Floor 4 375 4
Xerxes Floor 4 450 2
Zaruto (Sage) Floor 4 350 4
Zazashi Floor 4 350 3
Zio Brundo Floor 4 375 3
Koku Air 3 300 4
Kriffin Air 3 375 4
Limilia Air 3 375 3
Uru Air 3 350 3
Anti Magician Floor 3 450 3
Blossom Floor 3 300 5
Boggi “The Clown” Floor 3 400 4
Boulder Li Floor 3 300 3
Captain Floor 3 400 3
Ikki Floor 3 350 4
Jon Jo Floor 3 375 3
Child Zaruto Floor 3 450 3
Koro Floor 3 300 3
Kosuke Floor 3 300 3
Lami Floor 3 200 2
NineNine Floor 3 300 3
Ruffy Floor 3 300 3
Ruwabara Floor 3 350 3
Ryugo Floor 3 400 3
Sonku Floor 3 375 3
Veku Floor 3 375 4
Wrathdioas Floor 3 375 3
Zakugo Floor 3 375 3
Zaruto Floor 3 300 3

Characters you possibly can acquire from story rewards should not included on this record, as they’re often not utilized in battle.

As an alternative, their important objective is generally as fodder for leveling up characters or to evolve different characters.

You will discover a listing of all these characters within the How To Get Characters paragraph of this information.

That’s every thing it’s essential learn about characters in All Star Tower Protection!

When you have any enter or strategies for this information, tell us within the remark part under.

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